January 28, 2009

Animal People

We are not, I am sorry to say, animal people.

But not by choice. Husband is allergic, and I mean deathly allergic, to cats, dogs and horses.

And so: we are not animal people.

Don't get me wrong. I love my husband and would never trade him for a cat. (my personal preference). But sometimes I am sad that I don't even have the option to own an animal. I am sad that my children will all grow up never knowing how wonderful it is to have a pet around. Someday we may get a fish. Personally, I am pushing for a rabbit, but I don't think that is going to happen until we get a garage. But there will be no dogs running around the house and no cats curling up in bed and snuggling with my kiddos. And I feel they will be a little deprived.

I grew up begging for a cat. Literally begging. You can ask my parents, they will agree. I had a cat calendar one year and when the year was over I cut all the pages out of the calendar and hung them all over my room. My walls were covered in cats. With the occasional wildlife animal. (yes I know. I was a complete and total dork. i'm just trying to paint the picture of how much I wanted a cat.)

I asked for a kitten every single Christmas with no luck. To this day I really don't know why my parents never obliged me on that one. Because when we did get a cat it was so spur of the moment and no one had any second thoughts. My dad found a kitten at the church and brought it home. (apparently people think that the church is a good dumping ground for unwanted kittens. he found them all the time. this was the only time he brought it home.) I came home from school and as we were waiting for my dad to unlock the front door, through our front window I saw a cat run down the stairs. And I started screaming. Loudly. And nonstop. I think the cat's first impression of me was one of terror. But let me tell you how I loved that cat. He was my baby. He slept with me. He followed me around. He tolerated my dressing him in doll clothes. (that only happened on Halloween. i insisted he have a costume.)

Our whole family fell in love with that cat. He died about 2 years ago. He was old. He was sick. And even though I hadn't lived at home for seven years I cried and cried over that dumb cat. And the sad thing is no one can get a cat to replace him--not if they want my husband visiting them.

And so, since I married this man, I have had to change my ways. I am no longer an animal person. Because if I still was one, if I loved animals like I used to, my heart would break just thinking about never having a furry member of the family. So I protect my poor heart by filling up the hole with love for my husband and my children. But still, sometimes, I can't help but wish that we were animal people.


Emily said...

Come over anytime. My kitty is your kitty.

Carolyn said...

Yea for lurking!!!!

Thanks for coming and commenting. I love this post.

I grew up with an allergy dad...now I have a dog, goats, and 14 ducks.

My sister and I did manage to convince him to get an allergy-free dog. The breed was Havanese. Uncommon, but there are many many out there...I'm sure you know this.

Anyway, keep the hope alive and keep snuggling your kids. They may not be furry, but they are warm and cute, and need to be fed at regular intervals...just like a pet :)

wonder woman said...

As you know, I'm just the opposite. We didn't have pets as kids (except a bird that I just found out my grandma gave my brother as a birthday present and didn't clear it with my parents!). I, therefore, am not a pet person. I'm not a hater, but not a lover, either.

Honestly, the dogs we have bring my more guilt and annoyance than love. They follow me around and lay wherever I happen to be. It bugs me. A cat would probably be better for me because they are SO low maintenance, but Isaac's allergic and Levi does NOT like cats.

I guess this is just what happens when you love your spouse. You do whatever makes them happy (or keeps them alive;)

Stephanie said...

my husband is allegric to everything as well. and yet. and YET. he still begs me for a cat....

sigh. you never can win.

i think a rabbit would be nice.

ps. thanks for not being a mean commenter person:)

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