February 8, 2009

My new favorite parable

Partly because it's applicable, but mostly because it is funny.

So a teenage girl asks her dad if she can go see a movie with her friends. He asked her what it was rated and she replied: "It's rated are but one of my friends has already seen it and she says that there are only like 2 bad parts in it and I can just close my eyes for those parts and so it's no big deal."

The dad thinks for a second and then says, "follow me." He goes into the kitchen, pours a glass of OJ and asks his daughter if she like OJ. She does. He takes a teaspoon from the drawer and once again says: "follow me." They go into the bathroom. He takes the teaspoon and scoops up a spoonful of water and puts it into the OJ. Then he hands the glass to his daughter and says:
"Take a drink." The daughter looks at him in disgust and then realizes the point.
"I get it. I won't go."

I just thought it was funny. The highlight of my church going experience for the day.


Carolyn said...

Good one...I will remember it for the future...I'm sure it will come in handy.

BTW Lard is just white...kind of like crisco.

wendy said...

Good parable. I could have used that when raising teenagers, but still have grandkids to influence..right. thanks for popping over to my Blog. I like to see new people. Hey, I live in WJ top

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