February 5, 2009

Okay, okay, I give

Because I have spent the last two days with absolutely no inspiration, and because I have spent today mostly cleaning up vomit, I thought I would indulge myself in a tag. Because it is mindless and all about me. Which doesn't happen very often in this house.

25 things you never wanted to know about Rachel:

1. I HATE doing the dishes. Thank the Lord for dishwashers. When we moved a dishwasher was on the must have list.

2. I HATE spiders. With a passion. A burning passion. I try very hard to leave them alone outside, but once they enter my home: watch out. Crazy lady on the loose. I have trained my kids to kill them for me. It is AWESOME. And a little embarrassing.

3. I was an English major. Originally I went into it with the goal of becoming an editor, but after 2 professional writing classes, I just couldn't live without my literature anymore and switched to literary studies. Then I got to read all I wanted to.

4. Misspellings and typos drive me crazy, but I suck at spelling. Thank heaven for spell check.

5. I am always reading a book. I have to have a book to read at all times. If I don't have anything new, I just read something I have already read. yeah, Harry Potter like a thousand times. not really kidding there either.

6. I enjoy watching football and basketball in person, but not on TV.

7. I love pickles.

8. I secretly peek in my flowerbeds every time I walk by to see if any tulips are poking through yet. I have been doing this since the beginning of January. I found 2 the other day! So very exciting.

9.My favorite calling ever: 2nd counselor in the RS

10. My least favorite calling ever: Activities director

11. I love Idaho and would move back there in a minute if we could just find a job up there.

12. I hate finger paints.

13. I hate puzzles.

14. I love Trivial pursuit and jeopardy. I have a weirdly good memory for stuff like that.

15. I can't bring myself to buy clothing unless it's on clearance. Well, at least on sale. Even if I need it.

16. I would so much rather be cold than hot.

17. I am addicted to bread. Muffins really. And rolls. Pretty much anything made out of bread.

18. I would rather have my back scratched than have a massage.

19. I can't stand piles. I grew up with way too many piles in my house and now I'm a little bit OCD about it. If something is cluttering up my house it either needs to find a home IMMEDIATELY or it's trash.

20. I still don't have anyone to sit by in RS. It's not that I don't have friends, it's just that none of them are in RS.

21. I just killed a spider. My kids are in bed. What was I supposed to do?

22.I miss our Provo house. Even though it was smaller, it had more character.

23. My mother in law is convinced that I hate her. Even though I don't. Seriously. I don't. And just for the record, neither does Karla.

24. I throw poopy diapers out on the front porch instead of taking them out to the garbage. (what? you expect me to put shoes on just for that?)

25. My dishwasher is junk. We are therefore shopping for a new one. Even though we can't really afford it.

There you go. Now you know everything there is about me. Well, at least everything important.
And I'm not tagging anyone. Because I'm pretty sure that you have already been tagged by this one at least once. And if you haven't, well, feel free to do it.


Melinda said...

Wow, I'm with you on almost everything except I would MUCH rather be hot than cold. I have bad circulation and it is downright painful to be cold, being hot is just uncomfortable! Atleast for me! :)

Emily said...

Hi! Thanks for coming over to my blog!

This was a fun list to read, and I agree with lots of these! Especially the moving to Idaho part. I grew up in Twin Falls.

wonder woman said...

Hate dishes, too. And misspellings and typos. I REALLY hate when I see it in a comment I've already published, and I hate deleting comments. I miss your house in Provo, too. That's a great ward. And we have a small trash can outside our backdoor for diapers. Levi empties it each morning.

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