February 7, 2009

Some New Motivation. . . i think

A conversation:
(with a few of my own personal opinions and explanations)

Me: (as I'm getting dressed) Do you think that when we have a little bit more money I could take my clothes to a tailor? These pants are already a little bit too big, but I really like them.

Husband: I'm sure that you could when we have a little bit more money.

Me: I don't know. I think that might be cheaper than buying more new ones, but I don't know.

Husband: Can I ask you a question?

Me: (immediately on guard) What?

H: What size are you?

M: (warily) Why?

H: Well, I just was wondering because I thought that maybe if you got down to a certain size I would give you something.

M: (eyes narrowing) Like what?

H: I don't know. What size are you?

M: No, I want to know where you are going with this. What would you give me?

H: Well, I was thinking that if you got down a few sizes, I would give you $500 in new clothes.

M: How many sizes are we talking here?

H: What size were you when we got married?

M: That is never happening again. I have had 4 children. Don't get your hopes up.

H: Okay, what size were you when you were doing water aerobics? (this was about 5 years ago)

M: I was pregnant.

H: The whole time?

M: Yep. I didn't know it for part of it, but I was.

H: Well, what size are you now?

M: (did you really think that i was going to admit my size on my blog? are you crazy? but i did actually tell him.)

H: Well how about if you drop 4 sizes. Then I will give you $500. But I mean, you would have to stay there. All the new clothes would have to be that size. You couldn't just be that size for only one day and call it good.

M: I don't know if I should be offended here.

H: (scrambling to pull his foot out of his mouth. i think he left a few of his toes in there.) I still think your beautiful. I really do.

M: (contemplating. so, my husband thinks i'm fat. well, i kind of figured but it's been years since he has actually come out and said it to me. i would love to go shopping with $500. see here. i guess i could use this as motivation. nothing is really working for me thus far. hmmm.)

M: So you promise that if I get down to specified size you will give me $500 no matter what? You promise?

H: (considers it for a second.) You sure you can't get back down to where you were when we got married? Or maybe less?

M: The last time I was less than that I was 10 years old. So, NO, I don't think so.
But you promised.

H: (realizing that he has to agree with this now or he may not live to see tomorrow.) Okay. $500.

Which leads me to where I am right now. Wondering if I should be offended or motivated. I haven't decided yet. Which is good because I just ate a huge piece of cheesecake.

and you wonder why i am insecure about my weight. . .


Carolyn said...

My husband knows to not even go there. Not even a little tiny bit.

Even when I ask and beg for an opinion he just parrots, "You look thin and beautiful to me. I will always love you just the way you are."

I have trained him well :)

wonder woman said...

I'm chuckling at the cheesecake.

I can see Superman and I having this conversation......I think I would be a little offended, but know he's right, and thankful for the motivation.

DO IT!! $500 can go SO FAR -- especially when you shop like you do! You can DO this, Rachel!! Do you have money for weight watchers? Curves? Even just a gym membership? Or do you own a treadmill or elliptical or anything? Make a plan and get going! I'll bet you could lose 30 pounds by June. You could get a new swimsuit......think how awesome that would be.

Look on MMB for the diet blogs. Lots of ideas and support there.

It'd be a lot of work, but you could do it. But think of all those clothes!! Great jeans, cute shirts, not having to worry about that roll.....can you tell what I think about when trying on clothes? I hate that I have to sit down in dressing rooms and see if the shirt looks okay sitting.

Can you imagine not having to do that? FREEDOM!!!!

Do it, Rachel. Do it do it do it.

Melinda said...

OH totally take it as motivation! My husband just offered me exactly $500 for new clothes (because I still have clothes from high school, not that I can wear them...) just so I would clean out the closet! hehe
Oh, and tailors really don't cost that much, honest. Go check it out! Good luck with the weight loss! :)

janae said...

Well, I haven't seen you since you got married (how sad is that) but you were super skinny then (at least that is how I saw you) so adding a few sizes would delete the 'super' part and just leave you with the 'skinny' part, right? :)

Truthfully, I think if you eat a balanced diet (and a truly balanced diet absolutely must include cheesecake and sweets, or else it wouldn't be balanced) and exercise (bending over to pick up babies and toys definitely counts), then you are just fine the way you are. So lose a few pounds for $500 bucks. But we will all love you no matter what size you are!

ps. once upon a time I trained for and ran a half marathon. And I got super skinny. But I discovered something about myself: although my mom and sister both fit into size 2 at that time (losers), my bones simply could never fit into that size. Even if I were a skeleton, size 2 pants wouldn't get on my body. Nor would size 4. So at my very, very, very skinniest I could only ever be a 6. And who wants to starve and suffer for a size 6?? Who cares?! That is why I've only three times since my half. :)

Emily said...

As if John doesn't irritate me enough from time to time...whether or not you're offended, I definitly am. A husband should never bride a wife to lose weight (unless maybe it were strictly for health purposes, which it's not). Seriously Rachel, you look fine. If YOU want to lose weight, then do it. But for him? Because he asked you to? I don't think so. I honestly like John, but there is probably no one more confusing to me than him in the whole world.

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