February 18, 2009

A Waste of Time

Recently I was involved in a conversation in which one participant announced that another participant's "fun activity" that she occasionally does with her kids and is just something interesting and fun was "just another way to waste time." And as participant #1 announced this you could visibly see participant #2's face fall. Although participant #1 didn't notice, as she had started embellishing upon the evils of Facebook.

And it started me thinking.

What is a waste of time? Is there a criteria for it? And how can someone that is not you possibly judge if your activity is a waste of time?

I started thinking about the things that I do throughout the day. And wondering which of them were a waste of time. I started thinking about the TV that I watch. And I decided that some, but not all TV is a waste of time. Reading is NEVER a waste of time. Unless it's porn. Then it's just wrong. Blogging usually isn't a waste of time. Unless it is an addiction. (uh-oh).

Spending time with my children. Now this is where it gets tricky. Does it matter what you are doing? Is playing barbies a waste of time? How about hide and seek? Is tickling them a waste of time? Now, I figure reading to them, doing their homework with them, using flashcards to teach them their letters and numbers are safe. But how about tracking a dollar bill on the Internet to see where it's been? Is that a waste of time? How about play dough?

I decided something. If your activity is:
A: Making you a better person
B: Improving your relationship with your family
C: Improving your mind
D: Improving the minds of your children
E: Improving your health
F: Learning something new
G: Learning to understand other people
H: Allowing you time to relax and unwind so as not to lose your mind
I: Not judging other people

Then it logically follows: it is not a waste of time.


wonder woman said...

Whew. I think they only thing I do that wastes my time is watch shows I've already seen. And even then, I'm usually folding laundry.

That Girl in Brazil said...


I think I might print this off and put it up somewhere super visible. Like the fridge.


Pam said...

Your list is perfect and a great reminder to us to help us to know how we can gauge if our time is being spent wisely. I loves it!

Carolyn said...

Great list! I am always feeling guilty about how I spend my time. It is a very good thing to step back and re-prioritize what is important.

janae said...

This reminds of that good-better-best talk. In that line, I'd say anything that isn't best has some elements that are a waste (although we can certainly learn from mistakes!) Anything that builds the kingdom is most certainly not a waste. And what better way can a woman build the kingdom than enriching the lives of her children??

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I think I'll have to print this and keep this somewhere too like That Girl in Brazil said. I love it!!

Melinda said...

Do you know what I think is a waste of time? Judging other people on how they waste their time... :D
Really though, everyone generally is doing the best they can and why waste time on what other people are doing and how they aren't as good as "you". (you is in quotations because I don't mean you, I mean generally):) We all have to answer for ourselves anyway, so why not just worry about what WE'RE doing and enjoy the people around us, flaws and all. :)

wendy said...

My waste of time is NOT your waste of time....my time "well spent" is NOT your time well spent. Love your life and live it as you please........knowing its done with honor

Elisha Trask said...

I love this. It makes me feel like a better person. a much better person.

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