March 20, 2009


Ahhhh. . . the day in which randomness is acceptable. . . here goes.

In defense of my husband: it's not that he doesn't like my cooking, it's that he doesn't like any thing. Really. Pickiest man alive. All fruit is out of the question. He likes about 4 kinds of veggies, and only in small amounts. He doesn't like muffins. And most things in the bread category are only okay. There are about 2 desserts that he likes. Things cannot be healthy or any form of bland. Basically this man would live on Mountain dew, cool ranch Doritos, Gatorade, steak and sausage. With the occasional Reese's and Milky way. The day he is diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol is going to be a hard day for him.


I got these shoes online for 12.95. I think they are cute. But I don't know if they are cute enough to keep. What do you think?


I'm going on day five of making it past 10,000 steps. And I'm feeling pretty good about it. I actually used walking yesterday as an antidepressant. And it totally worked. Here is where the randomness comes in. My pedometer keeps track of how many steps I take, how many aerobic steps I take, how many calories burned and how many miles traveled. Well, on Wednesday I clocked in with 10,034 steps. No aerobic steps that day. And according to my pedometer I burned 308 calories. Yesterday I made it to 10,708 steps, including 2465 aerobic steps. And I only burned 295 calories. Not only that but at this point today I am at 9458 and I have already burned more calories than yesterday. I am starting to wonder if I should just stop trusting this handy pedometer and get a new one.

My husband's birthday is coming up. The big 3 0. (he's going to be so annoyed that I highlighted that. . .) And I can't come up with cool things to do. It's kind of a milestone, don't you think? In a world where money was no object, we would so be off on a cruise right now or on a beach or SOMETHING. But in this world where we are trying put some money into savings all the while hoping that we can make ends meet, it is just not working out. So I called my SIL and we are having a party at her house. (my house is too small for his family. there are a lot of them.) And while that is more recognition than he would usually get on his birthday, I feel kind of bad. A bit of a failure as a wife. Any suggestions? (not about how I am a failure. about cool things that don't cost much.)
My girls have come up with an ingenious way of drying paintbrushes: sword fights. The water just comes right off. (they haven't noticed yet that the paintbrushes still have paint on them and now they are both covered in little tiny paint drops. oh, well.)
That one is right up there with wearing roller stakes while riding your bike. (genius. I know. I am the brains behind that one. hey, I was 8. what do you expect?)


Heidi Ashworth said...

I gave a party for my husband on his 30th birthday and he LOVED it! I invited his family and mine and friends we hadn't seen in a long time. It was way fun. Also, I love the shoes. If you don't want them, send them to me. Really. I'm not just saying that. (I want them, okay!??!?)

Carolyn said...

Random is soooo entertaining to me!

I usually cook for my hubby but since that's out...maybe a back rub...or a Saturday with his guy friends.

wendy said...

I love "randomness" makes me think your brain probably works like mine. The shoes are cute --not expensive--so keep them. Your hubby sounds like mine "hello diabetes" it's on it's way. He is the most HORRIBLE eater EVER. I too like to walk and walk and walk (just like the pioneer children. ha ha ha ) No, it totally helps with the stress. have a great weekend ok
happy 30 to hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for me that was a long, long long time ago) but I remember!!

Debbie said...

Ugh. I hate being a horrible eater but I'm so like your hubby. I eat maybe 2 kinds of vege's and about 6 kinds fruits. However I do like most other things. My hubby hates pasta in most forms, and beans. Hello, I need to save money and chili and beans and pastas are all the least expensive. He always asks for steak. And Doritos. Haha. I guess our hubbies would get a long well.

For the 30th here are a few ideas. --Give him 30 random things through out the day (some from you and some from each kid). Homemade, random, and real presents. (A love note, a coupon for a night of sports and his fav snack w/ no interruptions, some new underwear, a bag of Doritos, a hat, a rented movie you thought he'd like, a coupon for a dinner of his choice made by you, I could give you more random ideas.)
--Depending on if he likes this sorta thing, find 30 people to call him throughout the day and wish him a happy birthday from them AND YOU.
--make him a candybar poster with a fun poem
--bake him 30 cupcakes and have the kids take them to work/school or just present them to him when he gets home
--write a list of 30 things you love about him, 30 movies you think he'd like to see, 30 date ideas that would be fun to do with him, 30 things you'd like to do as a family in the next 30 years (or maybe if they're smaller things 3 years), 30 'one words' (the first 30 words that come to mind when you think of him)
--make him a new playlist or cd of 30 songs.
--find a fun tradition from some place he might care about and pick one to do:
--For $10 you could do something like this (or research the internet and make up something similar for free!)
I ran out of ideas, but maybe those might spark a thought. You're sweet to try, hopefully whatever you do he will love and enjoy and be grateful! You're a great wife!

Rachel said...

Debbie you are amazing! Thanks for all of the good ideas!

janae said...

Not that I know anything, but I don't think that pedometer is working right. I'm sure you take 10,000 steps a day, but I swear those calories aren't adding up right. ;)

ps. I love random!

Melinda said...

Love this post! My husband turns 30 this year too, I love Debbie's ideas, I might have to steal some of those too! If you do any, let us know how it goes! Good luck! :)

wonder woman said...

The shoes are adorable. But. They will get dirty, and *show* the dirt. And flats aren't great for short girls. (As I've discussed.) And whenever I wear flats with no arch support, my arches and/or calves hurt later. I'm just sayin'......but they're so cute. I'd be debating, too.

My husband is also exceptionally picky. It's frustrating. And yes, I've gone 2 months without cleaning a bathroom.

susette said...

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JohnAllen said...

mmm . . . steak, sausage, Doritos, and Mt. Dew. Can you make that for dinner? :)

I love you.

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