March 5, 2009

A Giant Net

Oh, so you didn't watch The Office? Sorry. Guess you don't get the joke.

Anyway. Trying things out on a happier note this evening. Too many sad things. Enough of that.

Okay. Lately I have been wanting to take a page out of the Mombabe's book and simplify my life. But I don't really know where to start.

Do I clean out my house? I really think that we have way too much stuff, but that requires SOO much time and energy. I cleaned out the pantry yesterday. And I'm pretty sure that simplified my life right there. (the floor was so covered in odds and ends and boxes that exactly one foot could fit in there at a time. I'm still getting used to actually being able to walk into the pantry. )

I tried cleaning off my desk, but there is so much stuff that I'm just not sure I can throw away. How long do you have to keep receipts? How long do you have to keep payment confirmations on bills? I just don't know. And the 3 million cords that I'm not sure even go to anything? can I throw those away? Do I have to figure out what they go to first? (because that definitely will complicate my life, right there.

I should probably clean out my closet--get rid of all the clothes that don't fit me-- but that brings me to another thing that I have been trying to focus on: losing weight.
I've actually been doing really good. I get one treat a day. I try and walk as much as possible. I attempt to NOT send my children upstairs for whatever I need and I just go myself. I have been trying really, really hard not to eat after dinner. But it's hard. By about 9:30 I'm starving. And that Reese's is looking pretty good right about now. . .


Focus. (it's 10:11, btw)

Saving money. That is the last thing. We really need to. We keep having unexpected expenses come up, (ahem, brakes, dishwasher) and haven't been able to save anything for a long time now. So I'm trying really, really hard NOT to go shopping. To use our food storage. (beans, anyone?)

I was thinking back to when we were first married and in college and we did without everything. I rarely went shopping, and if I did, it was to DI. If something broke, and it wasn't absolutely necessary to our survival, we lived without it. (yes, we had exactly zero children at the time, but still.) Why can't I be more like that now? We don't need candy! We don't need ice cream! (even if it is Bryer's and it was on sale for $2.50.) We don't need cable! (hmmm, rethinking that one. . . playhouse Disney is invaluable). I can clip coupons! (need newspaper first.) We can drink powdered milk! (hmm, the kids can drink powdered milk. right?) So maybe I need some ideas.

Any advice?


Kristina P. said...

I hear you! When we were first married, we had no money and I did without. And now, I've developed a taste for shopping, and it's hard!!

Carolyn said...

I only have one piece of advice...the cord drawer.

I have a drawer that I put all our stray cables then when I need a cable for something I go rummage in the drawer to find the right one.

It works pretty good and keeps the mess out of sight.

Mallory said...

I would throw everything away, but I'm afraid that my husband has something important in some ridiculous spot (like the drawer full of junk and cords). Yeah, I don't know where to cut back, either. Actually, I do know. I need to stop eating out so much. Oh well.

wonder woman said...

We need someway to gather a bunch of people... (loved it last night.)

About a year ago we realized how *desperately* we needed to cut back. We went to me spending only cash. I get x amount on payday. I use it for groceries and whatever else I need/want to buy. It (in theory) covers doctor co-pays and oil changes and what not. It has REALLY helped me stay on budget. I use my card to get gas and that's about it. Make a reasonable guess as to how much you actually need, and try to make it work for a week or two. If you end up with an extra $50, decided whether you're going to cut your budget, or you personally save that money in a jar, or whatever. We've also set up a savings account and have a small amount automatically put aside each month. Even if it's only $10/month, that's $10 you didn't have saved last month.

When it comes to eating healthy, my self-control starts at the store. I try really hard to just NOT buy the candy or ice cream or whatever. (I also canNOT resist a sale. When ice cream is under $3, or candy bars are 3/$1.....I have a really hard time.)

Good luck.

That Girl in Brazil said...

Well, food storage is #1. Actually, TITHING is #1 - then food storage.

Do you have a garden?

Also - think about doing a "Round Robin" for dinner. Get other young couples in on it - try to compete to make the cheapest meal in bulk. Then rotate whose house you eat for dinner. Then you only cook a couple times a week - and it's much cheaper to make things in bulk.

Or make things in bulk and FREEZE.

Also learn to sew - hemming and fixing clothes are hecka lot cheaper than buying new.

And keep a strict budget - often forcing yourself to write down every purchase automatically makes you spend less!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm sorry but I beg to differ. You DO need ice cream and so do I. Every day. Anywho, why the Valentines' ep last night? Did anyone else think that was kind of odd? On March 5th?

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