March 9, 2009

Little Miracles

Almost three years ago we spent the summer at my in-laws house while my husband did an internship in CA. My sister-in-law lives nearby and we spent a lot of time together at the house that summer. (they have a pool. Who wouldn't?)

Anyway, one night we had dinner almost ready and were getting all the girls seated at the table. (my 2 plus her 4). They were all lined up along the back side of the table between the table and the wall, which is the required location for children at Grandma's house. Dinner was on the counter. My niece asked the blessing on the food. It was a hot afternoon and this was before the in laws had AC. So the ceiling fan was on high. As her mom and I started to dish everyone up, my niece pointed out the fan. Which was spinning. But not in the way that it should be. The part that was supposed to be attached to the ceiling was spinning. My husband went to the wall to flip the switch, and as he did the entire fan fell right onto the kitchen table. Glass went flying EVERYWHERE.

I was not wearing shoes. My SIL was not wearing shoes. NONE of the girls were wearing shoes. I ran over to my girls, she ran to hers and we grabbed them and carried them into the other room, where my SIL did an examination. Not one single girl had a scratch on them. There were a few shards of glass stuck in the folds of shorts, but that was all. And miraculously enough, neither me nor my SIL stepped on any glass in our mad dash to get the girls.

The girls were sent outside to eat there dinner and we got to work cleaning up. And as we did, we started realizing how lucky we were. No one had gotten hurt. The glass explosion was at face level for every single one of those girls. Not only that, but the house cleaners had been there that day. Therefore, the table was sitting closer to the wall than it usually would. If it had been pushed out to it's normal position, it's not unreasonable to guess that more than one of those girls would have been hit by a fan blade. We realized that we were incredibly blessed.

And to this day no fan in our house is EVER put on high. And according to my SIL, my niece has imposed that same rule at her house.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Wow! WHAT a neat story!

Kristina P. said...

Glad you were all OK!!

Carolyn said...

It's amazing how every day we can find ways to count our blessings...even when things go wrong.

wonder woman said...

That's incredible. A tender mercy....but bigger. Small wonder? Either way, you were all very lucky. And I won't turn my fan to high.

janae said...

SCARY!!! I admit, I am a total sucker for new houses because of things like that. We moved into a spanking new house when my fam came to Utah, but when I got married we lived in a few DIVES that had psycho things wrong (we had adventures, too, although none so dangerous as yours!) When we built our house in Spanish Fork I was converted. I'm just sure, though, that when we move from here we'll buy a 50+ year-old house and the craziness will begin all over again!!

Jenna Consolo said...

WOW! Cool story. I, myself, hate fans of all kinds, especially fans on high. You were really blessed, no doubt about it.

Oh, and thanks for the shout-out! If Amber from Tucson doesn't come forth and claim her prize, I'll have to pick a new winner!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Wow that was a close call. Glad everyone was ok and that you avoided getting cut on your feet too.

Much love from NJ,

wendy said...

Holy smokes ---that could have been so much more serious. Each day we need to count our blessings as they are there, we just have to look in the little places---but IN THIS STORY, it was a big place.
No. Fans.

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