March 19, 2009

My Dream Vacation

I want to spend a week in a house. On a beach. With white sand. But this house must have a fenced in backyard complete with childproof gates. (hey, it's my dream. Childproof things exist there.) This house would be big enough for all of us with room to spare. It would come with a library. And a maid. She would keep my house spotless and do all the laundry. And then put it away.

I could cook. But the maid would clean up after me. And in this dream vacation my husband would eat and like everything that I made. The kitchen would be stocked with fruit. All kinds. Peaches and raspberries and blackberries and strawberries, apples, pears, kiwi and bananas, all fresh. It would also be stocked with gourmet cheesecake and brownies and any baking supplies that I could possibly want. Those peaches and raspberries would make heavenly pies. And my husband would eat them. And like them.

My husband would be there and want to play with the kids and take them to the beach so that I could sleep as much as I wanted to. He would go with us when we took walks along the beach looking for seashells and he would change all the stinky diapers, without a single complaint.

My children would not fight or whine. They would spend the majority of the time in the backyard exploring and catching insects. (notice how I specified "insects." Spiders do not reside in that category). They would treat each other with respect and kindness and when I wanted to snuggle with them they would willingly crawl into my lap and sit still. The baby would take 2 two hour naps every day and sleep from 7 to 7 like the rest of the kids.

There would be a TV in this house, but it would never show any form of sports. (This includes nitro circus and sportscenter.) It would all be shows that I appreciate. There would be a huge DVD library including all seasons of Scrubs, Alias, X-Files, Bones, Chuck, The Office and NCIS. There would also be a huge selection of children's movies. But none of the really annoying ones.

The weather would be beautiful, with a rainy day here and there, but it would still be warm enough to play outside. The yard would be full to bursting with all kinds of flowers and the bees would not have stingers. And we could all lie in the sun and never burn.

Mmmmm. . . I'm reconsidering. I don't want to vacation there. I want to live there. (can you tell what the past couple of days have been like in this house?)

Do you escape like this?


janae said...

Ooooh, can I go with you?? Cuz that is way more elaborate than my dream ... which mainly involves a huge bed, propped high with step leading up to it, and a gigantic white down comforter. That's usually as far as I get. :)

ps. I can't believe your husband doesn't like your cooking. There would be sudden death here if mine ever complained. In fact, I think he did once way in the beginning. And I cooked fancy dinners for myself ONLY for two weeks straight. And disallowed him from touching any of my stuff. He had to cook for himself. Period. He never complained since. Only because he knew that next time, it would be WORSE.

pps. I'm more mature than I was then. And nicer too. But don't tell Sam that. :)

hippyrochelle said...

That sounds like a nice dream, and I like the no spiders thing....I want to go there too.
My husband eats whatever I make, he's never even complained. I think he knows he'd starve if he did!!
The only difference I would make, is that someone else would do all the cooking. It would be a gourmet chef that only cooked extremely tasty, yet healthy foods that would help me lose weight, instead of the other way around.

Carolyn said...

Awww! It can't be that bad.

The dream sounds wonderful. That's why I have books. To escape my reality and exist in one that doesn't.

(About the husband...just make him cook for a week...he'll be much more grateful for you.)

Heidi Ashworth said...

We have very similar tastes in TV shows! When you go, can I visit? I'll bring my own remote control (read in a wheedling voice)

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Sounds ideal. The only things I would change are to have a chef. Although I like cooking, it's a dream and to have someone else cook would be great. It always tastes so much better to me. Also, no rainy "day". It could be rain for an hour so the kids can play in the puddles, but then it would have to clear up. Can you tell I'm totally over this whole winter thing already? It's been raining for a couple of days here. Sometimes it's not better than snow. I would also want a gym complete with a personal trainer and a pool in the backyard for night swimming, with a lifeguard of course.

Thanks for the dream. I really got into it for a minute. We're planning our summer vacation at the NJ shore. The kids have been talking about it all winter. This is nowhere near our dream vacation but all I ask for is the weather is nice and the kids behave half of the time. As we know, this is a dream too. :-)

Much love from NJ,

That Girl in Brazil said...

Sign me up. Seriously.

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