March 8, 2009


So I just read this article in a parenting magazine (which I am getting really tired of lately, but that is a topic for another day. . .). It was about amazing things that mothers are able to do for their children. For example: while a woman is pregnant her sense of smell becomes incredibly sensitive to keep her away from spoiled food. It also mentioned the ability of a woman to cup her hand in front of her child's mouth in order to catch vomit and prevent it from getting all over the place. I would like to add a few of my own:

-The ability to stand the sight of blood and open wounds without flinching. But only the wounds of my own children. Promptly followed by blocking all those images from my mind and deleting them. Because the later time is when the gagging starts.

-The ability to hold your child down while being given stitches--made even worse by the fact that the ER doctor failed to give your child enough anesthetic and she is able to feel everything.

-The ability to carry/drag up to three children and run in order to save them from a rouge wave that would undoubtedly carry them out to sea.

-The ability to jump in the kiddie pool and pull your child out of the water before the lifeguard, who is sitting 3 feet closer, even has time to react.

-The ability to know that it is indeed your child who is crying and whether or not they are hurt or just upset.

-The ability to carry 2 children, barefoot, through broken glass.

Isn't it amazing what motherhood does to you?


Heidi Ashworth said...

Ooh, these all sound like great blogging stories! I have to say, been there for most of them!

Melinda said...

MAN! I've tried to comment like three times now and blogger must just hate me! (SO don't think I haven't been reading ya, I so have!)
Comment one said something like:
I caught vomit in my hands just today, and what about that sixth sense that tells you somethings going to go wrong before it even does (like spilled milk or falling down). We are amazing aren't we?!
Second comment said something like this:
I tried to comment before, it said blah blah blah, caught vomit today, blah, mom's are amazing, blah blah blah.

So there ya go, three comments rolled into one!

wonder woman said...

I've read that same parenting magazine. I was actually just reading one while blogging -- waiting for alarmingly slow computer to load pages. Sometimes I like the things I learn, sometimes I just end up freaked out. Like right now I'm thinking about all the times I've turned my burners to high while using non-stick pans. Wich apparently leads to decreased immune systems.

Those adernaline rushes are seriously amazing. And the ablity to handle all of your children's bodily fluids. (And the prompt removal of them from your memory. That's a power I hadn't realized before!)

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I'm kind of over Parenting magazine too and only get a chance to read it while I lock myself in the bathroom (which I do from time to time).

I've always worried whether I could grab 3 children at once if I needed to. Obviously I thankfully haven't had to do this yet.

Much love from NJ,

wendy said...

SUPER MOMS super heroes --that's about the only word to describe it. And ya know what --then you just start doing the same thing for your grandkids ---ain't life great.

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