March 25, 2009

Tender Mercies

The baby is asleep in the room with me so this will be quick. I have to type slowly so that I don't make too much noise. Which is also the reason for my lack of comments. Sorry, ladies.

I realized this evening that visiting teaching* is more than just checking up on our sisters. It is for those doing the visiting. And I don't just mean getting stuff out of the lessons. For example:
Today was one of those days. The baby was up 3 times last night. NO ONE in this house wanted to take a nap today except for me. My girls insist on playing with things that are not toys. I tried to help my husband out with his scouting responsibilities and ended up in the rain with all four children and furious at him. So when the time rolled around for me to go VT this evening I could not wait to get out of the house.

We went. We chatted. I vented about my baby. The woman we teach vented about her responsibilities. We just talked for about 45 minutes. And when I got home and heard the baby screaming bloody murder, I was okay with that. My first instinct was not to hide in a dark hole. I was revitalized and ready to deal once again. Had I not had that appointment this evening, I may have run away.

I think it's a tender mercy. How about you?

*In our church we have a program called visiting teaching where each woman who is willing is assigned a few women in the ward to visit once a month and make sure that everyone in that household is doing okay.


Kristina P. said...

I agree. Sometimes, it's just nice to have someone listen.

Debbie said...

I LOVE those times when you come back from visiting teaching feeling that great. It's so nice to fill up that emotional-adult conversation- I'm (insert name here) sometimes too and not only mom-I have friends- cup.

I'm glad you didn't run away! :) I'd miss you terribly.

wonder woman said...

It's amazing what getting out of the house without kids can do for you. Especially when you're rejuvenated by other sisters. I frequently come home from such things thinking, "Yes. I can do this. I can handle another tantrum," or something similar.

Glad you it helped you so much, and that you took time to write it sown.

hippyrochelle said...

I totally know how you feel!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Okay, the EXACT SAME THING happened to me last week.

I love visiting teaching.

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