April 23, 2009

Desert + Rachel = Not a happy camper

So I mentioned before about the family reunion that I will be attending this summer. As part of the reunion, one of the activity options will be to make the trek up to my Father in Law's property in the California desert. I will not be going.

Why, you ask? Well, if you didn't catch the word DESERT, I will say it again. DESERT. That's not enough of a reason? Okay, well let me explain.

About 5 years ago we had a similar reunion to celebrate Father in law's 70th birthday. Where? Camping in the desert, his favorite place to be. It was not my favorite reunion. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband's family. My best friends, (minus my sister) reside in said family. The company was awesome. The accommodations. . . not so much.

Let me set the scene for you. I had a 15 month old little girl and I was 7 months pregnant. And I was camping. In the desert.

The first day that we were there the wind blew. Non-stop, 40 mph winds. All freaking day. Everything we ate was crunchy. My daughter cried most of the time because the wind was in her face, dirt was in her eyes and it was hot. I sucked it up and managed not to cry even though the wind was in my face, dirt was in my eyes and it was a hazard to even open my mouth to talk. Any amount of dirt might have blown in.

So we made it through the first day. And the wind died down. All was well, I thought. Well, I was wrong. I discovered, as soon as the sun came up, that the wind was keeping out something even worse: the flies. I have never seen so many flying insects in my entire life. They were everywhere. We ate them. We squished them. I found them in my hair. I found them in my clothes. I found them in my daughters diaper.

Now, top this all of with a shortage of water and toilet paper and you have the circumstances for the perfect vacation. Or not.

And so, this time, I will not be attending. I will be in charge of all those who do not want to go. We get to stay home and swim in the pool, play in the backyard or watch movies in the house. And that, my friends, is totally fine by me!


Kristina P. said...

Good call on the not attending. We camp, but I don't LOVE it. And definitely not in the desert.

Erin said...

I am SO with you on this. I really can't stand camping. The desert pretty much sounds like torture.

Mama Nut said...

Got to love the crazy family reunions. My husband is from a real life redneck gang -- no joke! I don't know how he turned out so well -- at least to me, they call him the black sheep :) Last year for their reunion they had a game called "Rattle Snack Round Up..." it is EXACTLY what it sounds like. They loaded all the kids in the back of several pickup trucks and off they went armed with nothing but potato sacks to catch the snakes.... let's just say we sat that one out.

Mama Nut said...

Sorry, miss spelled "Snake" -- it was Rattle Snake Round up... not Rattle SNACK... hehe

Rachel said...

Mama Nut- that is just craziness! And no one died? How is that even possible!

hippyrochelle said...

Wow! That sounds like a miserable experience. I love camping, but I've only camped in the desert once, and it was the worst camping trip I've ever been on. Good call on sitting it out!

janae said...

Wait. And people think that is fun?? I'm' sorry, I don't mind camping, but as soon as there is dirt in my food and insects in my hair, I'm out. So is your hubby going? Or is he staying back with you? And if he is going, please tell me he is at least taking your older kids?!

Debbie said...

Good call on being in charge of those that sit this one out. I have camped several times in the mountains but not in the desert. It doesnt sound appealing at all.
Plus I think camping with babies or small children just isn't all that great. Have fun swimming! :)

wendy said...

Ok dear - that sounds like it wouldn't be fun at all. I HATE the wind, especially a dry hot dirty wind. I'll back you up on that one.

wonder woman said...

That sounds positively wretched.

High five for volunteering to stay in a house with a pool whilst others suffer!!!

SO said...

I do not blame you for staying home. Not one bit. I've never camped in the desert only in the mountains. It sounds horrid.

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