April 3, 2009

More Lovely Randomness

I was so excited when I realized that it was Friday because my brain is absolutely everywhere. Randomness is perfect for me today.

Snow, Snow go away
Don't come back till Christmas Day
My babies want to play
Snow, snow go away.


My oldest was invited to a birthday party by one of her school friends. My 4 yr old was not. She is sad that she doesn't get to go. At first I was thinking of trying to do something special for her, then I thought about it and wondered if this wasn't a good opportunity to learn about disappointment. But that's kind of mean. So I still haven't decided. Should I be a mean mom or a nice one?


My six year old is driving me nuts. All but 3 pairs of her pants have holes in the knees. And they are new! Well, 3 are new and 3 are from DI, but the holes are evenly distributed. This is a bigger problem considering the fact that my daughter has a younger sister who will not be able to graduate into these pants, which means that I am forced to spend more money. I have thought about patching the holes, but I don't know if I can do it without making my kids look totally ghetto.
And in a similar topic, I just found a hole in my favorite pair of pants. (i.e. the only pair of pants that really fit me and look cute.) And guess where it is? Not in the knee, where it is socially acceptable to have a hole, but in the butt. No patch is going to make these better. I guess I am doomed to spend money. Or look ghetto.


You know, thinking over my last week of posts, all of those could have been combined into one random post. Which means that I am running out of things to write about. Anything you want to know?


I am excited about conference. I have a plan to go to the grocery store this afternoon and pick out lots of snacks and things that can be eaten in front of the TV without making a huge mess. This my entice my children to hang out and actually listen for a little bit longer than they usually do. They actually don't mind conference too much. But about 30 minutes into it, they are done. The excitement of getting to see President Monson has faded and the crayons, or play dough are calling their names. Although they do come running back every time that they hear the choir start to sing!

Enjoy the weekend!


Sher said...

I love the idea of teaching your daugther about disappointment. Her time will come for birthday parties. Sometimes you get invited, sometime you don't.

Carolyn said...

Have you seen the Conference packet?

If not I'll email it to you. Otherwise keep the randomness coming. That is 99% of what comes out of my head anyway :)

Melinda said...

Yeah, the conference packets are awesome, even my little kids like to atleast color the pictures. I don't think the disapointment thing is mean, you don't have to be mean about it, its just part of life. :)

hippyrochelle said...

I don't think teaching your daughter about disapointment makes you mean, it's a part of life.

I am also excited about conference, although it doesn't feel the same when I spend the whole time yelling at my boys to quit fighting....I hope there is a talk about that!

Kristina P. said...

I was going to say the same thing as everyone else about the disappointment issue, even though it's hard to understand at the time!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I completely agree with everyone else about letting your daughter learn disappointment. Both of my boys have been disappointed about not being invited to a birthday party when the other one was. Life isn't always fair and you can't always get what you want. It's a learning experience. Some kids never learn it and throw temper tantrums of sorts when they're supposed to be adults. Yick to that. I know it stinks to see their little faces be sad but in the grand scheme of things it's better off for their future as well-adjusted people.

Much love from NJ,

Heidi Ashworth said...

I can so totally relate to the ghetto dilemma.

That Girl in Brazil said...

You're not mean - you're a mom.

And I like your head. It sounds like mine.

wonder woman said...

About the holes -- we've got the same thing going on around here. Have you seen the iron-on jeans patches at Walmart? I've bought some of those to iron on the *inside* of jeans, *before* the holes form? Clever, no? I've also iron them on the inside where holes are beginning to form. It's like $1.26 for two big patches. Very cheap and easy -- I highly recommend it.

Yes, the conference packet was from Brenda!

wendy said...

I am with Sher -- be a nice mom , which means letting your child learn about disappointments and how to deal with them
enjoy your conference weekend

Debbie said...

I'm with everyone else on the bday party. The situation may be reversed soon and it'll do both your girls good to see how things are done.

My 5 yr old is running out of pants too. She's just growing to fast and I dont want to buy more pants since she'll be wearing shorts non stop soon (I hope).

As for new topics I've been wondering about some too. I started a new public blog so I could be like you cause I love yours so much. Good luck with new ideas...although I love your random ones!

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