April 12, 2009

So, usually over the weekend I take a little break from blogging . . . catch up on other stuff, play with my kids, you know, weekend stuff. But lately screaming baby has been waking up around 11:30 or midnight. Since he sleeps in the same room as the computer, I figure it is the perfect time to stay caught up on my blogs. Well, for all of you out there who take a break over the weekend, could you do me a little favor? Could you do some post ahead stuff? Because I'm out of things to read and it is really hard to type one handed!

Thank you! :)


janae said...

Ha, ha, ha! I sooooooo relate to this post!

wendy said...

OH, poor baby ---POOR MOMMA. Sounds like you need some sleep. Just hook on to someones blog ---and go into their OLD stuff and start there-------

Carolyn said...

I saw you were reading late last night. I hope you get to sleep in this morning.

Thanks for your comment I was hesitant about posting my faults for everyone to see.

Melinda said...

Hahaha too funny! But sorry you're having to get up late! I hate that!

That Girl in Brazil said...

I'm all about archives when there's nothing new.

Dang, girl, I just LIKE you, you know that?!

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