May 7, 2009

First Grade Orientation

My daughter is finishing up her first year of kindergarten. She has loved every second of it and is looking forward to 1st grade. I, on the other hand, am not.

I have decided that Kindergarten Orientation just isn't enough. For those of us putting our children into public school for the first time, there are really some things that we need to know. And as kindergartners don't go to school all day long, I guess they just expect us to learn the hard way.

For example:

1. How do we send lunch money to school? Do you take cash? Checks? Do we give it to the office or the teacher?

2. How long is lunch? Where? What time? And is there any food I'm not allowed to send with my child? (i.e. peanuts)

3. What time does school get over? Are there specific pick up locations for the first grade like there are for the kindergartners?

Maybe I am just overreacting. Or it could be the fact that my daughter will, sadly, miss the first day of first grade, due to a family reunion. Coupled with the fact that I am almost positive that back to school night will also be held the week that we are gone.

Oh, well. I guess I still have 3 months to figure this stuff out. . .

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Debbie said...

We're gearing up for 1st grade too. Good questions. I'm gonna have to keep those in mind when we do our 1st grade orientation. Although, I haven't heard of one happening. I wonder if her school even does one at all. Eeesh.

Cottage Cheese Thighs said...

you ask a lot of good questions! I just like to shove my kid into the school and run!
Seriously, the school should send you a packet before the year starts to give all that information to you. As far a lunch money goes, see if your school offers on-line payments, if not, just put it in an envelope and give it to the teacher!

SO said...

We have a first grader starting here as well, but she is our last first grader if that makes sense. If you know who her teacher will be the next year then maybe you could email her when school gets closer. Or just call the office with your concerns. They are usually really good about answering questions. At least they are at our school.

Momza said...

You should get an information packet from the school or teacher with all of that info in it.
And as for missing the first day, it's usually kinda chaotic that first day--so don't fret about it.
Back-to-school nights are, in my opinion, just a social hour. You might get in a 2 minute conversation with the new teacher, with 40 other parents and kids standing there don't fret about that either.
Focus on the positives for you and your first grader...she will absorb your enthusiasm as well as your stress. It's a really great thing to be able to go to school!

RaCeNMoMmY said...

my son is starting 1st grade as well. But I'm actually excited for all day school! is that bad? i had a really hard time when he started kindergarten, i bawled the whole way home & then some on his first day. But now, i can't wait. he fights so much with his sister & he's so much more mature when he's on track. i will miss him but think it will be good for us all. as for your questions. look up your school districts web site, more than likely your school has there own link & that might help answer your qurstions. like our school you can pay for lunches online & there is even a menu. and the site also has the schedule for each grade, as far as recess & lunches. at our school pick up is similar to kinder. we are afternoon & he comes out of the first grade doors anyway. i bet you'd just wait near the 1st grade doors. i never wait in the gigantic line, i park along the fence & he walks down the sidewalk to me. talk to your neighbors & find out what they do. anyway, sorry for rambling. hopefully this helps some.

Carolyn said...

Obviously after my positive experience I would advise you to try the goats milk. But try to find fresh raw milk. The stuff in cans at the store is yucky!

Soy is lacking in so many essential nutrients for children.

I belong to a nationwide goat list. If you want I can post something about looking for fresh milk in Utah.

(Also, I feel your pain with Kindergarten. Don't worry. It will all turn out fine :))

3 Peas in a Pod said...

That's how I felt with kindergarten. They didn't even tell me what time the bus came in the morning. They told me "which" bus Kyle was on but that's it. Had to call and ask. They did send a note home regarding peanuts but not on the first day of school. We can pay for lunch in advance when he goes to school full time next year. I have often had to send money and checks to school for various things which made me nervous. It always got to the right place. Our school has a website so maybe yours does too? That gave me a lot more information than anything else.

Much love from NJ,

That Girl in Brazil said...

My first is starting kindergarten this fall, and I have THOUSANDS of questions. Including questions like what kind of questions I should be asking.

I think I'm just starting to tap into this whole Parenting Stress thing ....)

pan x 8 said...

First grade is really a hard one! My 1st first grader, we had back to school night before school started so we were informed. My 2nd, none and I couldn't remember anything from 2 years before and my 3rd this year, her teacher set up a "Meet your Teacher" orientation that totally helps answer all those ???

Questions I got answered:
* Yes, we are allowed snacks and they will let us know if they have any allergy probs.
* Yes, some first graders do fall asleep during the first couple of weeks because it's a long day and 5 days a week!
* There are pick-up spots and the teacher likes to know walking home, picked up by car, or bus.

Good Luck with First Grade!

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