May 22, 2009

Oh how I need a new Randomness title!

I was so relieved when I realized that it was Friday and I could ramble all over the place.

First off, an update. Screaming baby has actually seemed happier since I went back on dairy. Go figure.

Husband is home, supposedly sick, and supposedly working from home. Well, I have a confession. I kicked him off the computer (with minimal resistance) when the baby went down for a nap. Well, the baby has been awake now for at least half an hour and I'm not sure if my husband knows yet or not. I have decided to let him find out for himself. Otherwise, when would I blog? :)


I have decided that a need a baby sling thing. Yes, that is the technical term for it. Seriously though, I really want one of those slings that I can put him in and hold him on my hip. Do you know what I'm talking about?

I have a baby Bjorn, but once the baby hits 15 pounds my back just can't take it any more. So I regularly have only one hand to work with. (Except for right now. Because he is surrounded by toys and sitting right next to me. That is the other way to keep him happy.)


For those of you with kids, do they lose their shoes constantly? Mine do and it drives me nuts! I have tried to make it so easy for them. There is a shoe basket by the front door. There is a shoe basket by the back door. They have a shoe rack in their bedroom. Yet, as I type this there is a pair of sandals underneath the computer chair, various pairs of shoes surrounding the 2 shoe baskets and at least 3 shoes, not pairs, just shoes, outside in the back yard. It just kills me when I tell them that it is time to go and they cannot find 2 of the same pair within 10 minutes.

Am I expecting too much of them?


My kids go to year round school. We send in a form with our track choices in Feb. and then they work it all out and mail you your track in May. We just got ours. My kids are on D track! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

They are on A track right now. Which is my favorite, and really the only acceptable track. The only good thing about D is that they don't start school until Aug. 17. On A they would have started July 27. The worst thing about D track is that they will get off for the summer the first week of July. Yes, you read that right. JULY! And then if I put them back on to A track the following year, they will only get a 3 week summer. GRRRRRRRR.

Okay, done complaining.


Do suspenders still exist? Because I have decided that I want to invent suspenders that go underneath your shirt so that no one knows that you are wearing them. For 2 reasons:
1. Belts have unflattering consequences.
2. Suspenders are kind of tacky.

Okay, the real reason behind this is that I have this pair of capri's. I love them. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to buy them 6 weeks after giving birth to baby number 3. Therefore, any time after about 8 weeks postpartum, I can actually pull them up with out having to unbutton them. And I can't wear a belt with them because the stupid belt loops are too small. SO, I plan on creating something to keep them up. I'll let you know when I get it done. . .


Carolyn said...

Safety pin. The solution to all ill-fitting pants. Just wear a shirt that covers the unsightly bunch the pin creates.

I remember tracking well. We don't do that here in VA. One advantage over Utah I guess.

Sling or hip pack both work great for bigger babies. I have used 4 different carrying devices. Switching helps ease back pain! Bjorn was my least favorite.

YOur shoe pain is my shoe pain. I would love to hear advice on that one too!

Kristina P. said...

I think someone needs a Peekaru!

Sara Ward said...

I wore suspenders under my clothes all the time when I was pregnant with Gabe. My pants would not stay up.

At least the first days of schools won't be interrupted by the family reunion. (speaking of family chaos). We are supposed to go to CA this weekend and Amy and Spencer, Joel, Julie and family and 18 of Trevor's friends will be there. I'm trying to talk Mark into staying at the Disneyland Hotel. It's not working.

Also the shoe thing is a problem with us too. Everytime I see shoes in the wrong place I find the owners and make them put them where they go. They are putting their shoes away better now. Sorry for the long comment. I guess I just need to call you and chat. :)

Rochelle said...

I think the shoe thing must be a universal problem. We have a couple of shoe baskets, and as I type this, not one pair of shoes is actually contained to a basket.

I agree with you on the whole belt/suspender situation. If you figure something out, let me know. I've been trying to remedy the whole muffin-top and booty crack situation for years!

Debbie said...

You like to sew dont you? I think my sister in law has a pattern for those baby slings. She should anyway cause she made 2 for this friend of mine. Do you want me to get it?

My kids are the same way with shoes. ARGHH. Drives me crazy. I bought them another pair of flipflops and my hubby complained they have too many. I told him if they have more the chances are significantly higher they'll find one that matches. I think we're both wrong.

Good luck with the pants. Let me know if you invent those suspenders. My favorite pair of pants didnt have belt loops so I started sticking out my tummy to hold it up but who wants to stick it out when I really should be holding it in. :) I finally gave them away.

Linds said...

I'm the meanest mom ever and threaten to throw shoes away when I find them out. Parker has gotten very good at putting his shoes (and toys too for that matter) where they go. The threats don't work on Caleb yet but he likes to do what his brother does about 50% of the time so we don't have too many shoe problems.

Glad your screaming baby issues are getting better. Maybe he too is just appalled by the shoe situation! =)

Melissa Bastow said...

Just tie a rope around your capris...then maybe blackout one of your teeth and wear a straw hat.

I was all prepared with a sling before the birth of #3. But then I couldn't use it with #3 OR #4 because they have such horrible circulation that unless I held them certain ways their feet and legs would turn a grayish purple (which is very creepy, by the way, when you're not used to that kind of thing.)

Heidi Ashworth said...

I hate belts. They add what seems like a couple of inches to an area of the anatomy that is already sadly enlarged. I think the under the shirt suspender idea is great! I would be sad about track D, too. In fact, I would have everything about track school (I'm such a dinosaur).

wonder woman said...

I've often thought of the suspenders-under-the-shirt things. Seriously -- we need to patent them. If the snuggie can make millions, surely SusUnders can!!!

And the sling -- I know a girl who used to make them. Her blog is 1momof5.blogspot -- It's Lolli. I'd bet 10 bucks she'd send you a tutorial or make one for a small price.

p.s. My schedule has cleared! I should be at the blog lunch!

wendy said...

Hidden suspenders -- you might have an idea there girl. Yes kids do constantly loose their shoes. I hate the year round school stuff -- makes no sense to me, but I raised all my kids before they started that stuff. (I am old school )

Melinda said...

Sorry I haven't been around! Yes, my kids do the shoe thing! ANNOYING! (I think we're the same person, I totally do shoe basket by the door too!) We don't have year round school, but that doesn't make much sense, to do the tracks like that and some kids have shorter summers than others--weird. Have your pants tailored, it really doesn't cost that much, and if they're pants you really love, I would do it! :) Um, I think thats it.

Jodie said...

I also deal with the shoe issue and my kids are 2 and almost 1. But, what I have found is my husband is the worse about leaving his shoes anywhere and everywhere! The worst part is searching for Cooper's church shoes. I can never seem to find them on Sunday mornings.

pan x 8 said...

Hate tracks period. On D track since the beginning of Kindergarten in 2004 - would rather just be traditional..

And funny about the suspenders! hehehehe...

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