May 14, 2009

Questions I actually want answers to. . .

Okay, so most of you have been blogging longer than I have, so I need some advice from all you professionals.

1. I am thinking about reorganizing my blog and was thinking about adding advertising. What do you think? Do you have ads on your page? Why or why not? And for those of you who do, is it worth it?

2. How do you do a strike through?

3. This one is mostly for Erin: I love the giveaways list on the side of your blog because you can still blog about the giveaway without having to ruin a post. Can I steal your idea?

4. How do you get a site meter?

5. I am coming up on 100 posts. Do you think I should do something to commemorate? If so, what?

6. I kind of want my blog moved out of the "Generally Speaking" category on Mormon Mommy Blogs, but into what? That is the question.

7. What are kirtsy, stumble and digg it?

I think that's it. . . So help a fellow blogger out, will ya?


Kristina P. said...

I have no problems with ads on other people's blogs. People ask me all the time why I don't have them, and personally, I just don't like the look of them for ME. But I honestly don't care about anyone else.

I can't show you how to do a strikethru here, because the comment box won't let me, but you can email me. Super easy!

If I post about a giveaway, I will only do it on my sidebar. I enter a lot less giveaways than I used to because people have so many requirements now!

I use Statcounter for my stats.

Erin said...

#1: Add advertising if you want. I have thought about it a little, but don't want to mess up the look of my blog. I've heard you don't make much unless you have more visitors than I have.

#2: Strike through: go here:

#3: I was doing the giveaway thing for a while, but I noticed it has to be constantly updated with the new things I find and the old ones deleted. It took more time and effort than I wanted, so I deleted it. You of course are absolutely welcome to do it!

#4: you can go to, or You can also do Google Analytics and then follow the instructions

#5: I never pay attention to how many posts I have written (I think I might be around 490 or something). If you are excited about 100 posts, do something fun!

#6: Very good question. If you have a strong desire to have it moved somewhere else, just ask them.

#7: I have no idea. I've never looked into it.

Good luck!

wonder woman said...

I am listed under "saucy" blogs. I like it there. A lot of the women I blog with are listed there as well. Just e-mail Motherboard and let her know where you want to be. I'm positive it won't be a problem.

For #100, I actually did the "100 things about myself." It was fun, hard, and LONG. I don't know how many people actually read the whole thing. A lot of people do's completely up to you.

I don't have ads. And I don't click on them. So I got nothing there. Or for any of the other questions.

heather said...

Looks like your questions have all been answered.

-I tried ads. I earned about a nickel in the space of two months. For me, not worth it. BUT if I get more readers, I might give it a whirl again -with ad sense or if I could get onto BlogHer I would.

Mallory said...

Here is how to do a strikethrough:

Go to the edit html option while writing your post. Before the word you want to strike put a less than sign, an "s", then a greater than sign. After the word, do the less than, back slash, "s", greater than. Ta-da!

SO said...

I don't have a problem with people having ads on their blogs. I don't have them because I can't see that I would make much I only have around 50 people who visit on a regular basis. But if you want to do it go for it.

I think it's fun to do something to commemorate your 100th post.

Carolyn said...

The answers you got to your questions were most interesting. I have been curious about strike through too.

I have heard that ads don't pay until you get more than 1,000 hits a week and I am still a looooong way from that so until I am more popular I am going to say clean and ad free.

Good luck my bloggy friend.

Debbie said...

1. I'm not a fan of ads but it's just my opinion.
4. I use
5. I'd totally do something fun! I love celebrations!
Not sure on the others. Good luck!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I so can't help you with much of what you asked. I use Feedjit which was originally to see if anyone was going to be interested in reading my blog. I don't have enough people visiting for ads and I think it might ruin the look of my blog. Although when someone else has ads on their blog it doesn't bother me in the least.

I've always wanted to know how to do a strikethrough so I'll have to try that. It looks easy. Thanks to Erin & Mallory for the instructions.

I plan to do some type of giveaway for my 100th post only because I'll be so excited that I made it that far. I think it's a fun idea. My 100th is a long way off though!!

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Much love from NJ,

pan x 8 said...

Rachel, are we riding the same wave length or what??? ;p I love it! I thought about advertising, too time consuming and blogging already takes a lot of my day! ;( I thought about site meter too but I too don't want to blow my confidence. I know I have more readers than comments but don't want to let me ego melt... And I love the blog takes care of the number of posts for you.. so that would be fun!

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