June 17, 2009

More signs

Right now there is a sign next to my front door thst looks a bit like this:
But I'm thinking I need to put one up that looks a little more like this:

Why? Because when the rain cleared up the door to door salesman and Jehovah's Witnesses came out in force. Now, I'm a little more patient with the JW's, because I understand their plight. However, those with the audacity to knock on my door and ask me for money regardless of the sign staring them in the face do not make me happy. And the thing that makes me even less happy is when they come back because I didn't open the door. THREE TIMES.
Now, when they do this it forces me to move all of my children and myself away from the windows, attempt (in vain) to get them to be quiet for five minutes and hope that the constant ringing of the doorbell doesn't wake up my sleeping son.
Let me tell you how doing this THREE times today has improved my mood. Oh, wait, it hasn't.
Do you have a problem with this?


ABrunettesLife said...

Yes!!! Same EXACT problem. I had to laugh about the "moving the children away from the windows to get them to be quiet and hope the doorbell doesn't wake up my son" It happens way too often since I don't open the door for anybody I don't know. No matter how friendly they look.

heather said...

Or make it blinking and neon. THat'd be cool, huh.

Kristina P. said...

They ask for money?

Linds said...

I've thought about buying one of those signs but it sounds like they don't really work.

One thing to note. We've had a string of home invasions here in the middle of the day. Two guys will come to the door posing as salesmen. When you don't answer the front door they go around to the back! Thankfully they take off once they realize someone really is home.

I make a point to answer the door but just tell them to go away.

Rochelle said...

I don't answer the door either, but I don't care if they know we are home. I don't care if they can see me sitting on the couch while they ring the doorbell. I figure they get the point when they see me look right at them, but not move toward the door. I have been known to yell "Go away!! Whatever your selling, I don't want it!"
I don't know these people, I don't care if its rude!

Debbie said...

We hate answering the door too. Although even if it's neighborhood kids. Haha.

Obnoxious people. You're way more patient then me. I'd open the door and tell them they just woke up my baby and to get out of the neighborhood.

Grrr it's making me frustrated just thinking of all the dumb people who ignore stuff like that.

Momza said...

Nope I don't have this problem anymore. I put up my own handmade sign I made on the puter that says:

And I taped it right next to the doorbell.

pan x 8 said...

You know what?? If they are going to be rude, I'd stand at that door and yell "No Soliciting!" or I'd open the door and point at the sign and then shut the door!

Ewww.. I can be rude sometimes, huh? Well.. they asked for it!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Yes I have a problem with it!! I also have a problem when people call my phone after I put my numbers on the DO NOT CALL list. It aggravates me especially when it's during dinner or any time during the night.

Carolyn said...

Move to the middle of nowhere! Only our missionaries bother us here!

(Sorry. I forgot how annoying that is. Something I don't miss about the city life.)

annie valentine said...

First, disconnect the doorbell (or better yet put a sign over that says "out of service"). Then, the next time they knock, stand by the door and yell really loudly, "Honey, put that gun away! And please don't punch anyone this time!"

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