June 12, 2009

Random Friday

Lately, hair pulling has become almost unbearably irritating for me. So much so in fact that I found myself on the verge of yelling at my 7 month old for pulling my hair. Because that was the rational and logical thing to do.

I know.

It's like the past 6 years of getting my hair pulled has resulted in a more sensitive scalp, as opposed to a calloused one.

I apparently need a haircut. Problem being: I don't want to spend the money to get a good one. Because really, a good haircut is going to run me at least 40 dollars. And I would so much rather put those 40 dollars into the "Buy Rachel a laptop foundation".



It was my oldest's last day of kindergarten. And I have to say, I mourned a little. She is so grown up! What am I going to do with out my girl around for most of the day next year? Of all of my children (thus far) she is the one I want around at all times. Despite her age (6) she is still in the "wants to help mommy" phase. Maybe not quite as intensely as a couple of years ago, but she will happily play with the baby while I make dinner. And she is still pretty proud of herself for being able to get her little brother a drink in his sippy cup.

But next year, my little helper will disappear all day long leaving me and her sister/best friend grieving her absence.

I hope this summer lasts a long time. . .


It has rained here every single day for the past week or so and I LOVE IT. I have decided that I am a spring and fall kind of girl. And the last couple of weeks have felt like an extension of spring. Not winter, not like last year when there was no spring and we went from 50 degree days to 100 degree days in a matter of one week, but the perfect 70 degree days with a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

It makes me want to pull out the chick flicks and popcorn and curl up on the couch. . .


P.S. The Motherboard is giving away an ipod. Yes, you read that right. Only people who already own ipods aren't allowed to enter, okay? So, if you are like me and do not have one, go enter!

Okay. That's not true. I just don't have an ipod, and would like one. Therefore, if you already have an ipod, don't enter, just for me, k?


Kristina P. said...

I just had my hair cut and colored and it feels so nice!

See you tomorrow!

janae said...

Just as your kids get old enough to actually really be able to help, they leave. Isn't that the way it always is?!

Linds said...

It seems with each kid my hair gets shorter and shorter. Maybe I'll shave it all off one of these days. Can't believe our babies are starting first grade!

Emily (Good Frau) said...

I don't know where you live, but I saw a girl the other day with a REALLY cute, good haircut and I asked her about it and she said it only cost her $18. So if you're anywhere near the Ogden/Layton area and you want her info, let me know.

I have been loving the thunderstorms, too. Reminds me of my Kansas home.

Carolyn said...

When my baby Ivy was 7 months old I got so sick of her pulling my hair while she nursed that I took some scissors and chopped it off myself.

A big pile of red hair later I was crying but so relieved. I got it evened out a few weeks later for $12.

Sometimes you just get so desperate...

Good Luck for the contest.

Sara Ward said...

I am so sad Emma is going into first grade too. I can't believe it. How can they go to school for so long. I'm going to miss her. My hair is usually in a pony tail and Abigail will rip the front part out, and it makes me so mad. Because I am left with torn little wispy things that take forever to grow out.

Wendy said...

Rachel, just find a friend who is gifted in that area.... I tried the short hair bit and couldn't stand it. SO most of the time my hair just stays pulled back in a pony tail, and my kids don't really pull on it anymore. It's nice.

As far as your oldest being out of Kinder and onto 1st next year... it's a tough transistion, but don't fret over it too much because all the sudden you'll wake up and be asking yourself, "Is she really going into 5th grade?"

It goes by so quickly. Good luck with it all.

Debbie said...

The thing that I kept thinking towards the end of Kindergarten was how much I was going to miss her when she's gone double the hours next year.

I'm not sure I'm ready to say I hope summer lasts forever though. I like the change, I think it helps us renew our plans of whatever we're working on.

pan x 8 said...

I hate that I really have to budget for hair - cuts, color, style, uuugghh!! It's too much for me to handle... as I'm staring at my grays!

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