July 15, 2009

Birthday Top Ten

My birthday top ten:
1. Got a laptop
2. Made a super chocolate cake that fell apart but still tastes unbelievable

Stuffed myself silly
Ate lunch at Tucano's (Brazilian)
4. Got homemade cards from my girls and a stuffed sheep (which I will probably have to give back tomorrow. But it's the thought that counts, right?)
5. My nieces called and sang me happy birthday
6. My mom did my dishes for me
7. My husband wrote me a card. Not just signed. Wrote a whole card.
8. Did NOT make dinner
9. Ate chocolate cake for dinner
10. I'm not quite 30 yet. . .


Linds said...

Happy birthday girl! Yea for the laptop, and chocolate cake too.

Momza said...

It sounds like a fun birthday--especially the dishes part!
And once you get to your 30's you're gonna love 'em! Pinky promise!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Wow, a written card . . . that is a big deal! And I would love a night with no dishes :)

*I barely missed 30 this year too ;)

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday, congrats on the new laptop!

wonder woman said...

Sounds like a FANTASTIC day!! Tucanos alone would make it fantastic, but laptops and no dishes and heart-felt cards?! Best birthday EVER!

Carolyn said...

Happy birthday! I'm past 30 and wishing I were still 29.

Rachelle said...

Happy happy happy happy birthday! Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! Hope you have many more days just like it! ♥

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! I hope you had a great day!!

Much love from NJ,

Heidi Ashworth said...

I love your (chocolate) attitude!

Wendy said...

Well congrats on the laptop. I know you really wanted one!! And the top ten list is great ... except for that last one #10.... maybe that's because I'm now 31!!

Happy Birthday to you anyhow.

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