July 22, 2009

Obscure Sports Network

We cancelled cable. And so far it's been okay. We got an antenna, which is fullfilling my husband's (okay, and mine) need for TV veg time. Surprisingly, we have a few channels that we didn't have before. The in between channels. A couple of them are sports channels, which have been John's salvation. It helps with the ESPN withdrawls.

However, these are not your typical sports stations. Oh, no. If you are a baseball, basketball, or football fan, these channels are not for you. But, if you enjoy watching track, competitive fishing or swimming you are in luck. These are the channels were you will find competitive trampoline jumping. Four wheeling. Bike riding. And if you're lucky, Rhythmic Gymnastics. If you are interested in watching the Boston marathon, this is the channel for you.

Amazingly, these are the channels that our TV has been on for the past week or so. Apparently, any sports are better than no sports at all. . .


Kristina P. said...

No cable makes me sad.

heather said...

That is my husbands philosophy.
Any sport is better than no sports at all.

Rochelle said...

I hate watching sports. Luckily, so does my husband.

Debbie said...

I'm only a sports fan now come Olymmpic time. Then I'm into it for the duration and done when it's over. I'd rather play any day then watch.

We tried the antenna thing but we got nothing. No tv for us.

Emma said...

So funny what is it with all the silly sports and Husbands watching anything to do with sports? Stopped to say hi, my mom is Wendy no botox allowed.

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