July 8, 2009

A Rich Man's World

Over the weekend we went to a carnival put on by the city. We were all quite excited. There were to be rides, possibly animals and if heaven smiled down on us, cotton candy.

We found a parking place and headed into the grounds. There were people everywhere. A petting zoo with goats and lambs and pigs. Face painting, clowns making balloon animals, and pony rides. My heart dropped when I saw the sign for the pony rides. $3.50 a person. It was an omen of bad tidings to come.

We walked further into the park, all of us on sensory overload. I've decided West Jordan doesn't do things well. It took 5 minutes of looking to finally find the ticket booth. And when we saw the list of prices, my heart dropped even more.

$1.50 a ticket

Each ride 1-3 tickets

$25.00 for an all day ride pass.

We bought ten. Which equaled 3 rides for the girls and 2 for Seth. Luckily this carnival was held within walking distance of what I believe to be the coolest playground ever. This satisfied the kids after their less than exciting carnival experience. I don't think that a park will continue to do so for very many more years.

However, I was not satisfied. The prices were ridiculous. I understand that such equipment must be costly to run and maintain. But like most families in the area, we are on a budget. Blowing $100 so our children can go on as many rides as they want is completely out of the question. What I want to know is, who do these people think that they are catering to? The prices are so ridiculous that people are going to go home and tell their friends not to bother going. It's just too darn expensive.

I came home giving thanks that I have such understanding children. We explained that we only had so many tickets and we found ways to use them wisely. And when their 3 rides were over, they were perfectly happy to play at the park for half an hour. And as a bonus, the petting zoo was free. We got to see goats pee and poop. Who couldn't ask for better dinner conversation that that?


Kristina P. said...

Those little carnivals are always so expensive!

Emily (Good Frau) said...

That is ridiculous!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

oh I know what you mean those things are always so darn expensive...I often wonder the same thing who on earth do they think they are catering to??? I mean its not Beverly hills its small town Nebraska folks!!! Im glad that your kiddos were able to have a fun time anyway!!!!

Carolyn said...

Our local fair was $15 and I thought that was crazy!

Back to the library I guess...at least you can still read for free :)

Linds said...

We went to the Texas state fair (a really BIG deal here) and I was also outraged for the price of the rides and food. I couldn't believe people would pay that much for a cheap and seemingly dangerous ride, not to mention a fried PBJ! Nevertheless the lines for rides and food were endless. The free petting zoo saved us too and was enjoyable enough that the day didn't seem totally wasted.

Melissa Bastow said...

The dumb thing is most of those rides are the same from when we were kids. With tickets that expensive you would think they could spring for something new. (Not to mention, how safe is a 40 year old ferris wheel anyway?)

Erin said...

I know what you mean. We had a circus here just a few blocks away from our house...right before I said anything to my kids, I looked up prices online and it was $25.00 PER PERSON! Ridiculous! I was so glad I hadn't said anything to my kids!

Debbie said...

HAHA, I'm glad it was free for the kids to see the animals pee. You crack me up!

We had one of those just a few blocks from our house a few weeks ago. It was here for a week (including setup/takedown) and we couldn't avoid driving by it. I had to tell my kids no each time because it was just WAY to pricey for us.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

We went to the West Jordan Carnival too! We spent entirely too much money, and Van didn't get to ride all but 1 ride! We got suckered in to those darn games! LOL I think that my husband spent $30 dollars on one silly snake. I tell myself never again, but I am sure that next year I will be back. We also saved money by going to the 7/11 for slurpee's instead of those ridiculous snowies there!

pan x 8 said...

I remembering growing up going to those carnivals and thinking $.25 a ticket was pretty expensive but we don't even bother going because tickets per 5 children that can ride would plus at least 1 adult - heck we might as well go to Lagoon, which is overpriced as well!!

BTW, I love that West Jordan park playground! My kids can use their imaginations in there forever as well as spend their energy!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Oh, don't you just hate that? Our local carnival over the 4th is the same way. We've just skipped it the last two years because it makes me cringe to think of spending $100 on a couple of games and a handful of rides. It's just too bad.

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