August 28, 2009

Random Friday

Don't hate me, but I am ready for fall. Honestly, it could be fall all year round and I would be perfectly happy. I can't wait to see the spots of red on the mountain. I can't wait to walk through leaves strewn across the sidewalk. I am actually excited to wear a jacket in the mornig and then take it off for the afternoon. I could be happy for a long time in eternal September.


My adorable 18 year old nephew wears neon. He dove right in to the '80's revivial. Honestly, I am not a fan. I don't really know why neon was so popular in the first place. Some things are classic. Bellbottoms inspired flares. Pumps are gorgeous. But neon, neon should have died in the '80's and never, ever been resurrected.


I need some good dancing music. You know, the kind that you hear and you can't help singing along to and jumping up and down. Currently, our favorites are Pink's Trouble and So What. (Made even more adorable by the fact that my 2 year old son hears So What and starts singing "na na na na na na na" and Trouble is my 5 year old's favorite song. She asks me to call her when it comes on if she's not in the room.)

Any suggestions?


Rochelle said...

I love fall also. I am so excited for cooler weather and falling leaves!

On the dance music, I don't really have any suggestions. I am not really into music made since the year 2000. I'm actually stuck in the 80's (for music, not style, I completely agree about the neon).

The Boob Nazi said...

I waaaaaaantt fall to be here too. I love fall.

Momza said...

Fall is when I come to life! Bring it on I say! Bring it ON!

Lourie said...

It is going to be 108 today. I do not hate you for wanting fall. I love fall. It is the best time of year.

Music...I am a country music fan myself. I am also subjected to Hannah and Jonas and the like. I like soundtrack and Broadway CD's. Wicked is a good one.

Neon is for construction workers and those doing community service at the side of the road.

Linds said...

Neon! Yikes! Does his mother know?

I too am looking forward to cooler days, snuggling in front of the fireplace, sipping cocoa and eating popcorn. Although we did have a "cold front" come through Texas last night bringing a high of 91 instead of 101.

Chief said...

don't be hatin' on the neon! I got neon skivvies on right now!

wonder woman said...

I was thinking just the other day I was kind of excited for fall. I'm gonna miss gauchos and sandals, but fall colors and decor are so fun! And cheap halloween candy! yay!

Artists I can't help but sing and dance to: The Temptations, Alicia Keyes, The Emotions (best of my love), Green Day, Gloria Gaynor (I will survive), Beyonce, Moulin Rouge Sountrack, Queen...I think that's it for now. (I had to go through my playlist.)

Terresa said...

I'm with you, ready for fall and all my scarves, cord jackets and knee high boots.

some songs I've been liking lately:
21 guns by Green day
You pull me closer to love by Mat Kearney.

While they might not be the best songs to dance to, they're good to sing along to.

and thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. They always make me smile.
PS: happy random Friday!

Lauren said...

I am totally with you on the fall thing. And, walk into any local junior high and you will see that there is no lack of neon clothing walking down the hallway. I don't get it either, but I knew it was definitely 'back' when my yearbook staff suggested we do some sort of 80's/neon color theme for this year's yearbook. Glad I steered clear of that one!!

Debbie said...

Me. Fall. Yes.

My kids and I have been dancing to Abba lately (Mama Mia and such).

Emmy said...

That is a good song! And I agree with the neon thing.. really the 80's in general had the wost clothes... don't know why they came back. Though now I have some things I can pull out of the back of my closet and wear again! :)

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