August 3, 2009

Such a disapointment

We had my daughter's 5th birthday party Saturday. We opted out of Disneyland while we were in CA, so I wanted to make this party memorable. She wanted a princess party. All girls. So that's what we did. We set the table with ribbons and flowers. Created an adorable little tea party. Decorated crowns and put on make up.

Two little girls showed up. Two.

Six were invited.

I think I was more distraught than my daughter.

"When are more guests going to arrive?"

"I know I invited more people than this!"

"Mom, are you going to call everyone?"

Every question broke my heart a little bit more.

We played it off. Explained that the other girls just couldn't make it and left it at that. In her innocent 5 year old way, she seemed to accept it and not take it personally. But her mom did.

I have a feeling that every single girl who didn't show had a good reason. One mom talked to me today at church and explained their situation. And I understand, I know stuff happens.

But I can't seem to shake my little girl's face wondering why her friends didn't come to her party. Her little voice ripe with confusion. I guess that's just one of the disadvantages of parenthood. I didn't realize it could be so heartbreaking.


Carolyn said...

I am so sorry!!! I had that happen with my daughter last year only 2 girls showed up out of the 6 we invited. I learned to invite 2x's as many as you want to come. Then you will usually have just enough.

I know all about the heartbreak.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, I am so sorry! I hope that she had a good time anyway.

GRAMEE said...

i don't know why someone can't pick up a phone. a mother probably thinks
"they will have enough kids there they won't miss one"..
but when they all think that.. it becomes a sad situation.
i feel bad for her because i have many "home" party's that have turned out the same. it hurts if your 5 or 35.

Emmy said...

So sorry... and this just breaks my heart reading this. Lucas is just about to start school and he seems to make friends easily and doesn't care a lot.. but I just fear for the first time someone makes fun of him or hurts him and he hurts and is sad because of it.

wonder woman said...

That is so heartbreaking. Ugh. Parenting just gets harder and harder, huh?

Rochelle said...

That is so sad. Its hard not to take these things personally, but your daughter sounds like a real trooper!

Amateur Steph said...

I am learning that the worst kind of heartbreak is the kind we feel for our kids. I'm sorry that more didn't come.

Linds said...

That's the worst! Why is it that people don't RSVP anymore?

The Boob Nazi said...

That makes me so mad. Did they RSVP? I they had, they will burn for having such bad manners.

Melissa Bastow said...

One of the reasons that I hate throwing birthday parties. Hopefully those two friends brought great gifts. :)

Wendy said...

OH Rachel!! I can totally relate!! That happened with one of my kids when they were a little younger. And yes, it is really sad!! Hope she had a good party anyways!!

You are a great Mom, so I'm sure that she had a great fun party.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Parenting is so hard huh!? I was totally going to do a friend party this year, but maybe not anymore. I don't think that I could have Van unhappy and wondering if no one did show up.

You should throw another party just for fun, and surprise her!

Debbie said...

The same thing happened to my 3 year old this year. Even my nephew canceled on us. With my other 2 kids we had her 2 friends and my 3 so it didnt seem so small to my daughter but to me I knew I had invited the other 4 kids and none of them came. (what really made me sad is I knew I wasnt inviting many so I specifically called their moms and said, would thurs or fri work better for you?) Oh well. It's a good things kids dont know what all is going on right? Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!

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