September 3, 2009

Random Friday

Whew! Let's lighten things up a bit in here, shall we? No better way to do that than Random Friday!

So, remember how I whined about never winning giveaways? Well, I went on a rampage and entered TONS of giveaways. (see sidebar if you don't believe me). And guess what? I won 2 in one day! I couldn't believe it!

So I guess all things are possible. . .


So, is anyone else loving the whole farmer's market season? I made peach crisp this week (mmmmm) and have eaten at least one apple every day for the past 2 weeks. No more doctor's trips for me! Not to mention the pears. And the cucumbers. And the raspberries. And the cilantro that was in my garden but got mowed down by a well meaning husband who thought that they were weeds. (sob) I love eating like this. I don't miss the middle of winter when every thing that we eat either came out of a can or out of the freezer. I plan on overloading before the season is over.


Any movie suggestions? Because we are running out of decent movies to watch. . .


Kristina P. said...

I am going to the farmer's market in Provo tomorrow. I hope I can get some yummy stuff!

Debbie said...

Cute new header. Congrats on winning. Doesn't it just make your week? What did you win?

I've only done one farmers market, so not enough.

Movies...The last 'recent' movie I watched was Star Trek.

I've watched a lot of other ones, but nothing that has stood out to me as something to tell my friends about you know? Maybe I'm just a fan of the classics, the ones I own.

However if you're netflixing/renting I'd suggest getting a fun series. We've been doing Golden Girls, and we're gonna start Cheers or something else soon.

Emmy said...

We saw State of Play last night, it was really good. Also recently saw Push, it was a lot better (had more story) than I thought it would.
Congrats on winning two giveaways!

Linds said...

Sounds like your luck is on right now (except for the cilantro, so sad).

Masterpiece Theatre had a wonderful 4 part showing of "Little Dorrit." You could probably get that from Netflix.

Mmmm...I think I'll go raid the fridge for fresh nectarines.

Lourie said...

Wow, I haven't been to a farmer's market in years--literally! I love going to them too. I have one sad little tomato plant that I am desperately trying to kill...errr SAVE. I doubt it will ever bare fruit. As for movies...I haven't a clue. Usually it is kid movies for me. I wanted to the Harry Potter movie when it came out. That never happened. I have to wait for the DVD now. Congrats on winning not once but twice!!!

Chief said...

I never win anything either! I did finally win $10 from Shelle this week though. Al I had to do was humiliate myself in her comments!

Loralee and the gang... said...

You ARE a winner! And I love love fresh food too. So healthy for your body to eat foods in season. It's supposed to help with depression, too, I hear, and after the last winter I had, well, I need to be VERY seasonal in the way I eat!
And a good movie, if you need a looonnngg one, is Lost in Austin. But only if you are a Jane Austin fan, and only if you love sappy movies. I do!

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