September 25, 2009

Random Friday

Have you ever tried to argue with a 6 year old? Because it just doesn't work. My daughter is convinced that I am never right and that I know nothing. It takes a raised voice to get something through her head. Either that or just letting her go ahead with whatever she is convinced of, and then find out first hand that she is wrong. (Except when we take this route, I usually get blamed anyway. . .)

Is this my introduction to teenagedom?


If you didn't notice, I have entered the realm of reviews and giveaways. I'm having fun doing it, but at the same time, I don't want it to take over my blog. I have this blog to write, to tell stories. So, I'm facing a dilemma about how often to do a review and if that aspect of it is taking over. Have you ever had to deal with a blogging dilemma? What did you do?


Are you loving fall? I walked past a tree this morning with leaves that were still green, but red around the edges. it made me happy.

Have a great weekend!


Kristina P. said...

Can you do a separate blog for your reviews and giveaways?

It's a tough call. Personally, I really dislike when someone's personal blog becomes a review blog most of the blog, with personal stuff sprinkled in. I definitely don't read very often.

wonder woman said...

I agree with Kristina. I think you're doing good.

Isaac, nearly 5, has become very difficult to reason with. I've always made his choices clear: lots of "if-then" statements, stating what will happen if he either does or doesn't do something. I usually follow with "Those are you option."

But lately, he's tried to do the same thing. He'll give me ultimatums. "If you make me go to time-out, I'll be sad!" And I reply with, "OK. You can be sad. It's OK to be sad sometimes. But you still have to go to time out." "NOO!!! THOSE ARE NOT MY ONLY OPTIONS!"

It's entertaining and maddening at the same time.

Emmy said...

I have the same problem with my four year old. I often find myself saying, "see sometimes mom is right."

Oh what are we going to do when they are teenagers???

glitterbygrammie said...

I have 4 children that are grown and 10 grandkids and I have found one thing. They never outgrow testing and pushing you. But it does get easier with grandkids! You just send them home.

Linds said...

My six year-old thinks I hung the moon so he'll believe anything I say right now. I'm sure it won't last but I'm enjoying it while it does.

I think you should do what you want with your blog. It is YOUR blog. You will probably lose a few readers if you do a lot of reviews, but maybe you'll gain others. Hard to know. Just do what you enjoy. My blog is whatever I want it to be on any given day. Mainly it's a journal and record for our family. I'd like to share with my friends my deal-hunting finds so I'll do a little of that too.

Liesl said...

Oh, I so feel you with the six-year-old. Some days I want to tear my hair out. Or hers. Yelling just convinces her that I'm the wicked witch. It's a lose-lose.

Maybe decide how often you will do the reviews/giveaways and stick to that. Once a week, every other week. It can be something for followers to look forward to! Kind of how I would get parents magazine and go straight for the "Pamper yourself" section.

Jillybean said...

I had one child who I told he couldn't play outside because it was too late and it was dark.
He responded by saying that the sun was shining outside, and it wasn't dark.
I told him to look outside, it was dark.
He said, "Well, the sun is shining SOMEWHERE in the world!"

I currently have a teen and a tween. I am never right about anything, and EVERYTHING is my fault.
Just get used to it now.

Rochelle said...

I can never get my four year old to listen, it doesn't matter what i say anyway, cause he'll still do things his way!

That Girl said...

Blogging dilemma advice: if you think you're doing too many reviews and giveaways, you are. You're the best judge of you.

And I miss fall. I'm on my sixth year without my favorite season. I'm only slightly bitter.

wendy said...

Teenagedom eh---------Oh what fun times ahead for you. I am glad I survived 5 of them. (or maybe I am still in my coma)
I always have blogging dilemmas, but have no answers for you as to "what to do with them".
I prefer peoples Stories and life experiences over giveaways --------besides, I never win the dang things anyway.

The Boob Nazi said...

I LOVE FALL. It is wonderful.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I only do a giveaway once a week, and sometimes I skip a week if I feel like it. I have a schedule. You have to do what you want. I try to blog a lot inbetween giveaways/posts of other things...but I am not sure if that is bugging people or not!?

Lourie said...

My first child is heading toward teendom. It's not so much arguing (yet) as it is DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Middle school is a total jungle filled with mean monkey girls! I digress. Fall? What is that? We are still having summer. It's been over 100 for the past 6 days. *sigh* I like the idea of running two separate blogs, but that could be more time consuming than it's worth. Maybe a monthly giveaway and biweekly reviews.

Erin said...

My six year old is exactly the same way. Sigh.

As for blogging stuff, I'm with most everyone else. Do what you want to on your blog!

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