October 16, 2009

Random Friday

Sometimes I wish I had something like a recording device hooked to my brain to record my thoughts. Because I can't remember anything anymore.  I remember something when I am washing the dishes but by the time that I am finished it's just plain gone.  It drives me nuts.  Especially when it is something important that I need to remember and I just can't. Until I'm washing the dishes again. . . .


So, I made a list of projects the other day that I would like to complete by Christmas.  It ended up being longer than I thought it would be.  I may have to scratch a few.  I may also have to cut back on the blogging.  I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.


My sons were in the bathtub playing. I was right there. My two year old was being silly and making the baby laugh.  And of course the baby was trying to copy.  I knew, in the way a mother knows, that the baby was going to fall and hit his head on the side of the tub.  Part of me wanted to stop the whole thing and protect him, but the selfish part of me wanted to hear him laugh.  He doesn't laugh like that often. So I let it go. And he fell. And hit his head. 

And of course the laughing stopped. You would think that after 4 children, I would learn. Apparently not. 


I have big plans for tonight, and I'm actually pretty excited.  Homemade pizza, popcorn, sherbet and sprite and a movie on the living room floor.  I'm thinking Disney's earth.  Any other kid friendly suggestions?  (and Hannah Montana is not an option.  It would kill me to disabuse my daughter of the notion that Hannah Montana is the thing that Butterflies feel with . . . .) 


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I can't remember a thing either! If you find a way to better the memory, please let me know! Your evening sounds fabulous!!!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I love friday night movie parties. My kids LIVE for those (and it's amazing how much I can get them to do by reminding them about their prize at the end of the week.

Is your list of projects for Christmas for presents or just stuff you want to have done by the end of the year? Good luck with your list!

glitterbygrammie said...

I enjoy watching movies with my grandkids. We pop popcorn(with the hot air popper, they love that thing) make kool-aid and enjoy. We enjoyed watching Beauty and the Beast the last time. I like to pull out the older movies. They are new to the youngest that just turned 3. The older ones can sing all the songs.
I always get carried away sorry.
have a great friday night.

wonder woman said...

We all know that brain cells are lost in pregnancy. It's really heartbreaking to find out we don't get them back.

Sounds like a really fun night tonight! Homemade pizza sounds divine.

Jillybean said...

Be sure to put blogging ON your list. That way it's OK.

I can't tell you how many funny kid quotes I've forgotten because I didn't write them down. I forget everything.

Your Hannah Montanna/butterfly comment is the funniest thing I've heard all day!

Carolyn said...

I loved the Hannah Montanna thing too! So cute.

Having plans is wonderful, remembering to plan is the hard part. Looks like you remembered at least one important thing.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I need Friday nights at home. Sounds like so much fun to hang out on the living room floor with pizza. =)

Happy Weekend!

Lourie said...

I think Cindy Brady put it best when she said, "Forgettin's easy...it's remembering that's hard!" Why can I remember that, and I can't remember something that was said 5 minutes ago!!! We are so distracted by our chaos it's hard to focus. I like the idea of putting blogging on your list. I agree.

Emmy said...

Totally understand. There are so many times that the kids are doing some game, usually jumping off of something, and they are playing together so nicely and having fun but I know someone is going to get hurt. But I don't want to stop it as they are playing together nicely! And sure enough someone gets hurt.

Melissa Bastow said...

Does it help to remember if you stand near the sink and reach for the soap, kind of tricking your brain into thinking that you'll be doing dishes even though you have no real intention to do them? Does that work?

I'm not even going to make a list of what I have to do. That is just scary...... You're brave. Very brave.

Barbaloot said...

Ooh-homemade pizza! I want a Friday night like that:)

blueviolet said...

I know what you mean. When I forget something, I go back to where I was when it came to mind and it really does come back to me.

Motherboard said...

Homemade pizza? That sounds AWESOME!

It was also AWESOME to meet you today! You are simply delightful!

Emmy said...

Stop by my blog as you have an award.

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