October 23, 2009

Random Friday

Do you ever feel like there is so much to do but so little time?  So many experiences that I want to give to my kids.  So much I want to accomplish.  And the things that must be done: eat, sleep, wash dishes.

And I can't quite come up with a balance. I'm going to try and work on that this week. Actually, that might not work out.  My kids go off track this week.  . .


So I think I'm up to 205 posts.  Yeah, I let a milestone like that just pass on by. Looking at that number, I'm not quite sure what to think. I haven't even had this blog up for a year yet.  That's a lot of writing.  But you know what? Even though I have days that I have nothing to say, and other days when I don't feel like getting on the computer, most of the time I don't want to give it up. I feel a difference in my writing. It comes more easily than it did at the beginning. And, little by little, it's getting better.  Maybe we'll celebrate 300. I guess we'll just see how it goes.


My baby turns one next week.  It has been a long year that has gone fast. Do you know what I mean?  Luckily, he doesn't have any new teeth coming in and hasn't for about a month now. So, I've had a happy baby for a month. Which has been wonderful. I just hope it continues.

He has started to play with his brother. Which I am so excited about. I remember when my girls started playing together.  It was wonderful. They entertained each other and were better playmates for the other than I could ever be. And so far, the boys are right on track for the same place. And I can't wait!


Why is baseball so popular?  It's so BORING!  (hate me if you must, it's true!)


Barbaloot said...

Baseball is the WORST!! Seriously, how is it possible that people enjoy it?

Carolyn said...

1. All the time!!!
2. I didn't celebrate either.
3. I do know what you mean.
4. I so agree!

Melinda said...

I hate when I feel like I've just wasted so much time, so many experiences just by being lazy. It sucks!
Ooh, I don't know where I'm at for posts, but I think I'm close to two hundred, and I've only had mine since January, I know what you're saying!
I love when kids start playing together, I hate it when they start fighting together!!
I like baseball just fine, its FOOTBALL I absolutely LOATHE watching--SO BORING!!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! I am so feeling the #1 right now. Between homeschool, a teething baby {yeah, not fun}, swim lessons, all of the fun things and experiences that I want to give my children daily, AND all of the must-dos, there is just not enough time for it all.

wonder woman said...

I always feel like there's too much to do and not enough time. Just for the regular things, let alone the fun things.

Baseball live is awesome. But on TV it's boring as........golf.

p.s. do you ever link to motherboard for your random fridays? she's got a Mr. Linky today.

Emmy said...

Totally agree, baseball is pretty boring. I even played softball growing up but have no desire to watch it.

I have let many milestones pass on my blog without realizing it.. but next month is my one-year in blogging and I don't intend to miss that one.

Lourie said...

Day in and day I try to manage my time. My time usually manages me.

I think I have 140 posts now.

I am waiting for the day when Emily and Ryan can play nice. It only took me and my sister 16 years! haha.

Yeah baseball is kind of dull. I like to play it but that is it.

That Girl said...

Happy 205!

The days crawl but the years fly.

Baseball is only fun when you're THERE.

And when you figure out the kid thing, let me know.

wendy said...

don't worry about not getting EVERYTHING done that you think you should ----just get done what you know will be most valuable.
It is hard to see our babies get older. My baby is going to be 25 this month. (he is the baby of 5)

I think babesball is boring for the most part, but have to admit I love the World Series.

Mrs. Townsley said...

I guess you've never seen the way baseball player's butts look in those pants! That's why I like baseball. (Don't worry Adam knows:)

Jenna Consolo said...

Your opening line could be the theme of my life. That, along with its close relative, "So many books so little time."

eat, sleep, wash dishes. sigh.

Lara said...

"It has been a long year that has gone fast."

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I always have this time/space paradox going on in my life, too.

Emma said...

Baseball boring, I like to be at the game!! not watching it on TV

Time goes so fast, have fun with the kids off track!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I definitely don't have enough time on my hands. My house is NEVER clean anymore, and really all I feel like doing is sleeping. Yup, I need to find my motivation.

susette said...

I don't think you are too late to celebrate 200 posts. That's actually pretty amazing to me in less than a year!!

Fun milestone for baby coming up. I can't believe it's been 17 years since I was at that stage in life. Are you going to do the whole cake thing with letting baby have it all to themselves and digging in hand and foot? It's pretty fun!

Liesl said...

Yay for 200!

Totally with you on the time. I am constantly try to pare down to the bare minimum, but I ain't giving up my writing! I draw the line there.

Baseball games at the parks are fun. Baseball on TV is way boring. I watch it to maintain my marriage. I just make sure there's really good food involved.

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