October 30, 2009

Random Friday

I like to do fun things. I like to bake. I like to blog. I like to make things.  And sometimes, I give those things away.   And when I do, I occasionlly get the question: "How do you have time to do it all?"  Well, I thought I would share my secrets with you.  Just yesterday:
I made caramel apples (from scratch, soooo good) instead of giving my children baths.
I finished my daughter's halloween costume instead of vacuuming the house.
I blogged instead of folding laundry.

Do you kind of get the picture?  I really don't do it all.  Not even close.


Speaking of the vacuum, it's broken. Again. For the 3rd time in it's short life. We have had it less than five years.  I bought this particular vacuum for its reliable reputation.  Which it hasn't even come close to living up to.  And now,  I can't bring myself to take it in to get it fixed.  It just feels like a waste of money. I kind of really just want to get a new one.  But it's reaching the critical point: this decision must be made soon. My house is disgusting.


Our ward has a trunk-or-treat tonight.  Do you do this in your area? I really like it.  Even though, I'm pretty sure that my kids feel like they are getting gypped. They want to go to people's houses, not their  cars.  But, honestly, I am perfectly walking around the church parking lot twice and calling it good.  It's so much easier, you know pretty much everyone there, and the kids get to go around with their friends if they want without me worrying one bit. I can see them the entire time.  It just makes it so much easier!


I'm kind of glad Halloween is almost over.  I like Halloween. I really do. I like carving jack-o-lanterns and making costumes and caramel apples.  I do not, however, appreicate all the reveling in death. In our neighbor hood back in Provo there was a house, a very old, historical house, that had an old gazebo out front.  And every year for Halloween they would hang a dummy from it. I hated it. When we went on our walks I would always alter the route so we wouldn't have to walk past it.

This year, a house just down from us, a house that we drive by on pretty much a daily basis, has their yard full of tombstones, grim reapers, monsters and the piece de resistance: a headless, bloody woman.  Not only that, a motion sensitive headless, bloody woman, who swings her decapitated head around.  It's great. It's so great, in fact, that my two year old yells out "Scary stuff!" every time we drive by and won't look.  It's just not my favorite part.


Happy Halloween!


Barbaloot said...

Yeah-I'm not a big fan of Halloween. I'm very pleased it's leaving soon in time for Thanksgiving!!

wonder woman said...

Your method of doing it all sounds shockingly similar to my own.

Good luck with the vacuum. Maybe you could see if Shopko or Target has vacuums on sale this week? I got mine a few years ago during a lucky 50% off sale.

Lara said...

Hey! that's how I do it all, too. :) Priorities, people.

I am not fond of the gory party of Halloween either. I wish that it could just be fun and pumpkins. But whatever. To each his own, and I'll just have fun and pumpkins.

Kristina P. said...

I've actually really enjoyed Halloween over the past years, only because I finallly had parties to go to!

Pam said...

You sound like me. In fact my home is in utter chaos because I chose to write family newsletter this moring. I am thinking it is my husband and kids turn to deep clean the home and I go out on a date by myself :) By the way I just noticed your cute "I try to use unconditional love" quote to the side and I love it!

Emmy said...

We have our trunk-or-treat tonight.. but well we are suckers. We will do that tonight and then regular trick-or-treating tomorrow. Talk about candy overload!

Lourie said...

Trunk or treat for us was last Friday. Not sure why...a building conflict perhaps(we use the Stake Center). I hear ya about the scary stuff...personally I get a big kick out of it, I am morbid. BUT...for my kids, not so much. And we are doing both. Tomorrow we will trick or treat on my mom's street. Her's is way longer and far more festive....creepy?

The Boob Nazi said...

I really DO get it all done. haha of course, I'm not a mother and wife. Oh well. I'm a grad student. Equal haha.

Mallory said...

I don't like the gory and creepy stuff of Halloween. But, I love pumpkins and candy and dressing up in fun and cute costumes. When I was growing up, I lived out in the country and we couldn't go trick or treating unless we drove into town. So, my mom would buy us nice candy and we would stay at home and watch a movie. We didn't have to worry about creepy decorations then! (Oh, we also did the trunk or treat at church!)

Linds said...

My kids are making a killing! It never occured to me to just do the trunk-or-treat. I don't like the creepy Halloween stuff either, but my kids are fascinated by it. Guess that's part of having boys.

glitterbygrammie said...

I like halloween for the scare factor. But only when the kids are big enough. I ahve young grandkids and we go easy on them but it is a free for all with the bigger kids.
We do the trunk-or-treat sometimes. But I use Halloween as an extra get together for my family (it is hard anymore for all of us)I fix food( there is something about me cooking that get all my kids here) and we all eat before we head out around our neighborhood. We all go together and I have done that since my first child was born. I hope it is a tradition that will be caried on.

glitterbygrammie said...

I failed to mention that my least favorite thing to do is dishes(I love to cook) so I will do almost anything before I will do the dishes. Needless to say I always have dishes in my sink.
I think a happy home sometimes is better than a spotless home.

Carolyn said...

I made a decision this morning to leave the house messy.

It looked the same when I came home.

So depressing. Oh well. I have candy and a little person dressed as a duck. It's all good.

Heatherlady said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I kind of like the trunk or treat. We live on a busy rural street and so trick or treating isn't much fun. But i always try to spice it up a bit and decorate the car. Last year we had a mad scientist laboratory and this year we are going to have a chicken farm, complete with a real chicken-- we'll see how that goes. Happy Halloween and keep up the great blog.

Emily is a good frau said...

Our ward is doing a party with dinner and a costume parade tonight. I'm excited for that, and I'm actually glad we're not doing a trunk or treat. I like that when we go trick or treating we'll get to see everyone, even the people who wouldn't show up at a trunk or treat.

I agree on the scary Halloween things. We have been doing our best to avoid it all.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I love the way you 'get it all done'. I'm taking notes. :)

I love the trunk or treats but it makes me sad because that means in our area especially (where so many people get their fix at the trunk or treat) no one is home the next day to pass out candy. Makes me sad we're loosing such a fun tradition.

Our vacuum bit the dust recently too. It was a sad day.

Rochelle said...

My way of getting things done is very similar to yours, except sometimes I'm just lazy, and have no excuses!

I like trunk or treats, but I really like regular trick or treating better. I love handing out candy to all the little kids and seeing their costumes too, I think that's my favorite part! I hate when we don't get very many kids, I just want the doorbell to keep ringing!

wendy said...

good stuff.
You are right...now one can DO IT ALL. you just pick the piece and bits you think are most important for the moment.
Baths can wait and so can folding laundry. It all gets done sooner or later.
Save parts of your day for just FUN and silly things.

I don't know what to think of halloween sometimes. When you think of it, it can be pretty gruesome!!!! How can that be good....

blueviolet said...

Our high school has a trunk or treat too. I didn't go past to see how it went over but I would think that if there was a big turnout, kids could get WAY more candy in a shorter period of time anyhow!

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