November 25, 2009

A Letter

Dear Irate  Mother of kindergärtner at my daughter's school,

I wondered why, at the Kindergarten orientation, the teachers and principal spent soooo much time discussing drop off and pick up regulations.  I got annoyed even. It really isn't that hard of a concept. Lane number 1: drop off/pick up.  Lane number 2: through lane. Meaning, don't stop in lane.  Apparently, that wasn't clear enough.   So, here we go, one more time:

When you are in lane number 2, you don't stop your car. You stay in your car. You definitely DON'T get out of your car and then LOCK it.  It really doesn't matter that the line in the pick up lane goes all the way out of the parking lot and into the street.  That second lane is still a through lane.

You have other options, I hope you realize. If you really want to park your car, get out and pick up your daughter, really your best bet is to do that in a parking place. That way two kindergarten teachers won't come and tell you to move your car and then you won't be forced to yell at your daughter's kindergarten teacher.  Nor will you be subjected to multiple cars honking their horns at you while you UNLOCK your car doors.

If your interested, I believe I still have one or two of the 63 handouts discussing this that my daughters' received at the beginning of the year.  Apparently, your daughter missed that day.

Hope this helps,


A Concerned Parent


Lourie said...

First my mouth fell open, then my eyes popped, then I just felt disgusted by it all. At least tho, your school has lanes for the pickup/drop off ours doesn't. I don't bother with it, unless A) we are running late or B) it is raining. Since we live in CA this is rarely an issue.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Some people don't believe rules apply to them :)

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

We have the same thing at my daughters school. And for the first two months we had two workers out there to monitor the parents to make sure they were following the rules. (Like you, the whole school got handouts and it was in 2 pta newsletters as well as poster size signs in the parking lot.)

Why, as adults, do some people feel they are more entitled? Silly people.

Momza said...

Oh Sister! Preach it! I'm on my 7th grade school child, and I think I've seen that scenario a bazillion times! It is so frustrating when you're in the lane to go thru and some knucklehead has abandoned their car---or in the morning when the Momma is brushing the kids' hair, tying their shoes, etc. HEY! Thats stuff shoulda been done at home or pull over and park and do it! WHen we pull up, my kids are ready to go!

Melissa Bastow said...

It's like you took words right out of my head and posted it. I seriously wonder why so many grown adults have a hard time with the whole drop-off/pick-up routine. A monkey could pull it off.....well, a monkey who can drive anyway.

Wendy said...

It's almost enough to make you wonder or even know what kind of kids they were. Probably the constant "rule" breakers!!

This is a frustrating thing. And so far I've never seen any cars completely stop at our school in the through lane, but still, that would be frustrating.

wendy said...

Nice of you to want to help her out - inform her.

Jo said...

ha ha, Did you do that or did you see someone doing it? I have been yelled at plenty of times both for dropping my sisters kids off, and mine! The little kid crossing guards even yell at me!

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