December 4, 2009

Random Friday

I have a confession to make. I am an obsessive planner.  Let me just give you a little taste of this.  I planned my daughter's birthday party (for February) in October last year.  We are leaving for California in 3 weeks. I have been planning what we will do there for probably months now.  I started making Christmas lists for my kids in July.  Do you understand what I am talking about?

The iron ic thing is I am so not a planner on a daily basis. I tend to wake up and think about what needs to be done that day and then decide to do it.  I don't get it either.


So I heard about this recently and we are going to try it out this year. Sometime this month have "Dinner with Mary and Joseph."  The idea is to give your kids an idea of what it would have been like for Mary and Joseph as they journeyed to Bethlehem. Eat on the floor by candlelight.  Serve some kind of fish, goat cheese, olives, figs, honey, olive oil, bread and any thing else that they might have eaten. While you are eating talk about the journey that they made. The idea is that it will make them real people rather than just a picture of a woman on a donkey.


I kind of don't want to write a Christmas letter this year.  I have the Christmas cards all ready to go, but not the letter. Between this and my family blog, I'm pretty sure everyone that I would send one to already knows everything. I'm still going to send the card, just because I like to, but that letter is just sounding less and less appealing. . .


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I'm a planner too. Of course, nothing usually goes as I plan it ;)

wonder woman said...

love the dinner idea. wasn't there someone in our last ward or stake who did a big dinner like that? am I thinking of passover?

I'm not sure about a Christmas letter, either. I'm thinking about attempting a humorous poem update.

p.s. my MIL writes one for her family and their children, which of course includes me now. The main thing she talked about for me? My blog. I'm not sure how I feel about that. . .

Emmy said...

That dinner idea sounds awesome! I have been trying to figure out different ways to bring more of a spiritual side to Christmas this year.

At least you have the cards.. I don't know if I am doing a Christmas card/letter thing at all this year.

Lourie said...

What part of CA are you coming to? Nosy me wants to know. I love the dinner idea too. Christmas letter....oh yeah. I forgot about that.

Carolyn said...

The dinner sounds wonderful and I have goat cheese!

The letter...I'm with you there. Blog will suffice.

The planning...I am like that too. It frustrates me to no end when things don't turn out.

That Girl said...

I'm right there with you on the planner thing. I was designing Christmas centerpieces months ago.

Our ward is actually doing a party with Bethlehem themes - including Mary and Joseph. Should be fun!

blueviolet said...

I am loving your idea of dinner with Mary and Joseph.

I have never been so organized as to be that far ahead but I definitely used to plan vacations out down to the minute!

Rochelle said...

I like the dinner with Mary and Joseph idea too. Maybe we should try that out also.

Erin said...

I've never done a Christmas card. I figure why start? Then I would feel like I have to keep doing it :)

However, I like receiving them from people.

wendy said...

I think you are a "planner" when you NEED to be. You are doing just fine.
The idea of dinner with Mary and Joseph is awesome. The more tangible we can make the scriptures for the kiddies the better. Don't even WE as adults learn and remember better that way.
goin to California ---yippee, I could use some sunshine and beaches and warm weather about now
have the merriest Christmas
and go ahead, bag the Christmas letter

Terresa said...

Never heard of the dinner idea. I love it, will do it this Christmas season. Thanks!!

gleenn said...

i do plan, but i'm not particular with the details. i guess, that's where my being a procrastinator comes in.

btw, we're having a skin care give away at Creative fashion worth $150. very few has participated so there's a big chance of winning.

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