December 8, 2009

Tuesday Confessional

I vacuumed my basement this morning.

It's been a while.

I had to empty the canister and clean the filters on the vacuum 3 times before I was finished.

Maybe a bit more than a while.

Yeah. I'm pretty disgusted too.


Emmy said...

Well hey at least you did it. Besides basements are supposed to be dark and dirty :)

Melinda said...

That hysterical! I hate vacuuming, it takes me awhile too! Is it sad that that totally doesn't disgust me? I'm gross.

Barbaloot said...

Vacuum? What's that?

Carolyn said...

This is why I have systematically thrown out all my rugs. Now I just sweep my wood floors.

Kristina P. said...

Hey, good for you for tackling it!

Lourie said...

At least your vacuum works. My house is suffering because all mine does is ride over the top of the stuff.

Momza said...

Whenever I vacuum and the little see-thru cannister fills up, I am amazed at how much dirt and dust is in there! Where does it all come from? It's not as tho I see the yahoos bringing in buckets of dirt, ya know?
Still, I have a sense of accomplishment every time I dump it out!
A clean floor speaks to my soul! I lub a clean floor....all the world is right when my floors are clean!
P.s. I love how all the google ads are vacuums, etc. on your sidebar.

Lara said...

I'm going with, you must have a HUGE basement! :)

Hey, I'm not sure I remember the last time I vacuumed either. It's all good.

Jillybean said...

One of my kids loves to vacuum, so I just have him do that.
Of course he only vacuums when he feels like it and not always when it needs to be done.

heather said...

That makes me laugh!! I can so relate too.

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