January 4, 2010

Monday Review: ReliOn Temple Touch Thermometer

I hate taking my children's temperature.  When my first baby was born, they sent me home from the hospital with a digital rectal/underarm thermometer.  This particular thermometer takes about 3 minutes to come up with a reading. That doesn't sound like that long, but when you are using it on a squirming, generally sick baby it is almost an eternity.  And, despite the fact that the rectal temp is so much more accurate, I infinitely prefer the underarm method (for obvious reasons).  But, by the time my daughter hit toddlerhood, there was no possible way of holding her down for 3 minutes until the temp popped up. So, I went out and bought an ear thermometer.  Which was worth every penny.

But, this particular thermometer  no longer accurately reads my children's temperature.  Which is why I was ecstatic when the ReliOn Temple Touch Thermometer arrived in the mail.  Going into flu season the thermometer is always out.  And this one is awesome.

It takes about 5 seconds to read the temperature, and there is no shoving it in any uncomfortable places.  You simply place it on your child's temple, and voile!  Fever suspicions are confirmed.  But, please read the instructions first. I hated the thing for about a day until I did!  I'm sold.   Best thermometer ever. Okay. Maybe not the best. But the best that has ever graced my children's fevers, but definitely the easiest!

*I received a complimentary thermometer for this review. 


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Yeah, we definitely need a new thermometer around here. The digital underarm one we have not only takes forever, but seems to be pretty unreliable.

Emmy said...

WE have the same one it is great

Lourie said...

I could have soooo used this last week. Ryan spiked a fever of 103. Forget up the rear, that is exit only. But oh how he cried to have it under his arm. It was like ice on him. Poor Baby.

wendy said...

very awesome that you won a complimentary thermometer for the review.
I hated it when my kids got a high fever. That always worried me more then anything.

Momza said...

thats the same kind they're using in ER's these days. kewl that you have one!

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