February 24, 2010

A few recent matters

Okay, so I neglected to blog about this earlier, so here goes. On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a blogger brunch hosted by the lovely Sue, and meet lots and lots of amazing and funny women bloggers. We met at gorgeous banquet room  at the Blue Lemon. (They donated the space to us. Aren't they super awesome!  I wish I could tell you that the food was fabulous, but I didn't eat any. SO, you need to go there and let me know! It looked incredible!)

See how lovely they all are? *

Anyway,  we had a nice little chat and a new organization was born.  Say hello to Service Soapbox.  A group of bloggers who want to do some good. We even set a date for our first event!  When I have more details, I will be sure to let you know.

Second item of business.  Have you  heard about this yet?

Casual Bloggers Conference

Because if you haven't you should really look into it.  It's going to be AWESOME.  For a number of reasons.
First and foremost, do you really want to put faces with the blogs that you read?  Well, here is the perfect opportunity.  And if that isn't enough for you, well. . .

Do you want tips on how to make your blog cuter? More efficient?    I do. Which is why I'm so excited that Julie MacDonald from LeeLou blogs will be there to hand out all kinds of tips about making your blog better. Not only that, but while she is there, she will be giving away a full blog makeover worth $300. I so want it!

If you want to learn more about all of the awesome opportunities that will be there, check this out.

And this you need to now. If you buy tickets before Monday, you can get early bird pricing.  Yes.  A discount.  Who doesn't love a discount?  And this is not a wimpy discount either.  So, go, right now, before time runs out and get your ticket.  Because I'm going, and don't you want to meet me?  Because I would Love to meet you!

I'll even make it easy for you:

Casual Bloggers Conference

Here you go.  Get your ticket!



Momza said...

Way way Cute!

Jillybean said...

I already got my ticket!

Wonder Woman said...

I need to get my Friday night pass! It was so fun to see you on Saturday! And are you going to the zoo today? I probably won't since I want to wait at least another 24 hours for this baby, but it's still free today.

Barbaloot said...

Uh-did you really not eat there? What's that all about?

Glad you got to meet all them. I've been to a few blog get-togethers and they've been so fun.

Lourie said...

:o( I want to go sooo bad. I don't think it will be happen. I would need a miracle! I will simply live vicariously through you.

Terresa said...

CBC...waaah! It's on Mr. Wellborn's birthday and after all my crazy selfish gimmee's this past year (a 2 week trip to the UK included), I'm sitting this conference out.

Take notes for me & post 'em? That would be swell...

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