February 25, 2010

Linky Love

So, I have stumbled upon a TON of great blogs recently.  And I just thought I would share a few of them with you.

Do you like to craft?  Because I have been kind of obsessed with it lately.  And I found two awesome craft blogs. Except they aren't technically craft blogs. They are blogs that tell you all the awesome crafts that everyone else is making. Which kind of seems like cheating, until you realize all of the time that you will save by looking at these 2 blogs rather than 20 different craft blogs.  Someday Crafts and U Create are my new favorite craft sites.

Now, have you met the Damsel?  Because if you haven't, you need to. Like today.  Like this minute.  If you do, you will learn how to make brown sugar. Yes, make it. (Don't get all excited and discouraged. It is SUPER easy.) And powdered sugar.  So go.

Are you a self proclaimed mean mommy? I totally am.  Which may be why I love Mean Mommy University just so much.  I laugh. And laugh and laugh.

Do you know Emily? The Good Frau?  Well, this particular Frau is exceedingly talented.  Really. She is.  See?  (this is the part where you click on the link to see what a creative genius she is.  why are you still here?  Go. I'll wait.)

And finally, I know you all know Melissa. Well, did you know that she is also a creative genius? As well as a generous one?    She is giving all the proceeds of her stamp sales to Emma's Hugs. If you have never heard of Emma, grab box of kleenex and go catch up.  And then go buy some stamps from Melissa.

P.S. Three more days to buy your ticket for early bird prices. THREE more days people!  Just a friendly reminder. . . .

Casual Bloggers Conference


Momza said...

Rachel Sue,
Thanks for the link to Damsel...I now know how brown sugar is made and I may never be the same!

Kristina P. said...

Wow, I will have to check these out!

Emily said...

Thank you! And thanks for the rest of the links, too. I clicked on every single one. :)

Cosette said...

Yay! Thanks for the link! I hope we can meet at CBC. I'm scared because I don't know anyone in real life who is going. I don't want to be a lonely freak!

The Damsel in Dis Dress

Melissa Bastow said...

Thanks Rachel!! You're awesome.

I'm going to not click on the link about how to make brown sugar. I'm just going to keep on pretending that it ONLY comes in a bag at the store. (Me and kitchen projects....yikes.)

Lourie said...

Make your own brown sugar....interesting. Mean Mom U....I could be head of the class! HAHAHA. Off to check them out. Thanks.

Terresa said...

Yes, I love the Damsel, which reminds me I'm way behind on blog reading & need to pay her a visit.

PS: You're going to CBC? Lucky...

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