February 9, 2010

Music Appreciation

I think I have a pretty healthy appreciation of a pretty wide range of music.  Genre, era, I don't know it all, but thanks to a couple of influential people in my life, I can a appreciate a good guitar riff or a classic ballad.  The range of my knowledge is mostly because of my best friend Amber.  But the appreciation of some good, loud, classic rock comes straight from my dad.

If you know my dad, this may surprise you. He is a pretty low key, soft spoken kind of guy.  So, he generally isn't the kind of guy you would expect to blast some Who or Rolling Stones.  You would be wrong.

I remember one day in Jr. High, walking to the car after school with Amber. My dad came to pick us up during the winter or when the weather was bad.  We were chatting, not paying attention, and apparently, my dad wasn't paying much attention either.  Because when we opened the car door we were hit with a wall of music.  Amber couldn't believe it. I wasn't so surprised. I was much accustomed to seeing my dad wear his headphones, listening to music, that I could hear from across the room. But Amber was unaware of my dad's love for such music. They discussed it the whole way home.

And ever since that day, despite some typical teenage bumps in the road, I was convinced that I had a pretty awesome dad.


just call me jo said...

I sure miss my dad when I think of music. Except I'm afraid I used to criticize his choices. Wish now that I hadn't. Sweet post. He's adorable.

Emmy said...

That is awesome and would have been a great moment as a teenager.

Kristina P. said...

This was like my dad too!

Mrs. Townsley said...

I never heard that one. My memory is playing outside and knowing dad was almost home because I could hear the music coming a mile away.

Wonder Woman said...

I definitely get my music appreciation from my dad, too. Oldies all the way. We karaoked on New Year's Eve and had a blast.

Lourie said...

That is cool! My dad would never have listened to The Who or The Rolling Stones. And he certainly would not have blared it. That isn't to say he didn't like rock-n-roll, just he was (still is) way too conservative! haha. Your dad rocks. Literally!

wendy said...

Way to go dad!!

I love lots of different music --and I usually like to play it loud. Especially if I am in the car driving and then I sing along.

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