February 26, 2010

Random Friday

So, this has been one of those weeks. You know the ones, where the little things keep going wrong, and there is nothing AWFUL going on, but it all kind of adds up to a total lack of motivation and an intense desire to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate and stay there.

Do  you ever have weeks like that?  I'm looking for a way out, but so far, no luck. Any suggestions?


The slight possibility that we will be moving out of state has arisen. (Let me emphasize SLIGHT for those family members reading.)  And I'm kind of freaking out.  We are almost completely surrounded by family here, and I can't imagine life without that.  We lived in Idaho for 3 years without really any family nearby, but we didn't have kids for most of that time.  And then we only had one.

Plus, I'm really not that good at change. Neither is my son or my daughter for that matter.  Okay, Rachel, remember the word slight. . . .


We are officially painting tomorrow. I am about to head upstairs to tape the room off and start moving the furniture around.  I'm kind of dreading the actual painting part, which I don't , but I'm so excited to see the finished product. We are painting my girls room lavendar and I have been collecting decorative treasures from DI for a couple of months now. I have found some really great stuff for $ .50.  I love it.

I told my girls that they could help. The only problem is that my 2 year old son will want to help too. And giving him a paintbrush is just asking for disaster.  But not giving him a paintbrush is asking for a total and complete meltdown.


Speaking of my 2 year old, he is apparently a computer genius.  He has figured out how to turn the computer on, get on the internet, go to the Playhouse Disney website, and play games.  He sneaks in the other room and would play, literally, all day if we let him.  I have started to keep the computer unplugged to prevent this. He is going to be one of those boys who is totally addicted to video games.   Except, that we don't own any. And I hope and pray to keep it that way.


And finally, TWO days!  Early bird pricing!  (Don't you just appreciate these little reminders?  Aren't I so helpful?)

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Kristina P. said...

Moving out of State? I hope it's all for the best!

Momza said...

"Plus, I'm really not that good at change. Neither is my son or my daughter for that matter. "

You may as well start packing.
Life is so not about being "emotionally landlocked"--there's too many things to do and see to stay in one place. Oh sister, you're young, and have so much more living to do!!
The more we live, there's much more of us to take "Home" in the end.
Embrace change. Embrace it and your life will take on dimensions that spotlight your character, give joy in areas of it that you never knew existed. Change is good.
It's always good.

Liesl said...

Living "out of state" is great! Tough at times, but seriously I am so grateful to be living in Chicago. Even if it's only a slight chance, carpe diem!

Emily said...

Have fun painting! I actually like painting. I'm anxious to paint my bedroom.

And good luck with whatever the possible change coming up is. I always say I don't like change, but then I get anxious for a change of scenery.

Emily said...

And I have to agree with the others. We lived in the midwest for a few years and I loved it. The friends we made there became our family, because we were all far from home.

Barbaloot said...

Good luck painting! I'm excited to see pictures:)

just call me jo said...

Yes, pictures, pictures please!! Moving IS tough, I'm hear to confirm. (Note my dentist dilemma yesterday.) I hope it goes well for you which ever happens.

I love lavender for a girl's room. Watch that 2-year-old helper. I see lavender in the living room, the kitchen, everywhere at about 2 feet high.

Emmy said...

It was totally one of those weeks for me too... so glad it is Friday.. except for the fact that Eric won't even be home tonight as he is taking the 11-year-old scouts camping. My kids would play computer games all of the time too if I let them

Wonder Woman said...

Living far from family is not easy, but it forces you to grow in so many ways. Still, I would LOVE to live close to at least one family member.

Good luck painting! I'm so excited to see what it looks like!

Linds said...

Where to begin!?! First off, you just go right ahead and curl up on the couch with your cocoa. What does "slight" mean? Any chance you could be moving to the great state of Texas!?! Have fun painting. I send my kids outside when I'm painting, rain or shine.

Lourie said...

Ummmm let's see....migraine time that is never fun. I had a flat tire this morning. $163 later I have new one. funny that is what I just spent at the grocery store! Those are really the worst. Sorry you've been having some troubles.

have fun paiting! I want to paint my daughter's room. Her's was never finished.

Terresa said...

How is it that our little kids can be such computer geniuses? My 2 yr old sounds like he could be your son's twin.

Happy rest of the weekend!

Lara said...

I've lived away from family for most of my marriage, and right now I'm further away than ever. And I love it. It was hard to imagine at first, but nothing has been better for my spiritual and emotional growth. I've had to really become the person I need to be. Also, I feel like my marriage is stronger and my family in general. Don't be afraid. It's all good. :)

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

So you started the painting now I'm guessing? How's it going? What room are you doing? I wish wish wish someday I can paint. We're still in a duplex and we've lived with white walls forever.

I totally know what you mean by one of those weeks. I hope this week is better! (For both of us.) :)

SpencernAmy said...

I was having one of those weeks, too. A walk on the pier in the rain was just what I needed. But I sooo didn't want to go! Watching several storms roll in from the pier's observation deck totally took my mind off of . . . well, me, I guess.

As for the painting, when we were getting our home ready to sell, I found old pieces of wood that we nailed together, dressed the kids in their "paint clothes," and let them make their own creations. The older ones got to help with some of the real stuff but Sam loved having her OWN painting project that we ended up using to cover a hole on the back porch.

Have fun!

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