March 16, 2010

Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me

"I was born ready."

(Have you seen Oceans 13?  Because that is my favorite line in the whole movie.  Specifically because of George Clooney's eye roll.)

That's how I felt about becoming a mom.  I was ready.  I brought that baby home and I knew how to bathe her. I knew how to change her diaper.  I didn't have any help for the first week of her life, and it was okay.  I didn't panic.  (Except for the trip to the ER for jaundice.  Besides that.)  It was good.

I didn't realize it at the time, but that was the easy part. Eat. Sleep. Cry. That's what we did. I didn't have to get her to clean her room. I didn't have to deal with begging in the checkout aisle.  I didn't have to deal with temper tantrums.  It didn't take long to realize I wasn't born ready for that.

I did pretty well with my girls. I didn't put up with the the tantrums and demands.  I didn't give in.  But, lately, with my son, I find myself doing things I swore I would never do. Like promising a treat if he will just stop crying in the grocery store.  So, when TLC Tours asked me if I wanted to review a new parenting book called, Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me, I jumped on the chance.  It's about dealing with entitlement in your child's attitude, which, thus far isn't a huge problem in this house, but if things continue, they could be before too much longer.
It was so full of great ideas. And, it not only gave me some great ideas, it explained why those ideas are so great.  And for a girl who doesn't love parenting books, this was interesting to read.  The author discussed ways to prevent, as well as fix entitlement attitudes in children by finding the ways that they learn and using that to teach them how to be a well balanced, respectful person.  She focused a lot on the ways that parents tend to show their love by overindulging their children, not only with material objects, but with demands as well.  Which is where I found the book the most helpful. Rather than fight it out with my two year old, I find myself giving in just to make him happy.  This book has given me a few techniques to work through that and reasons why the extra time and energy will all be worth it in the end.

If you are interested in checking this great book out for your family's benefit, you can do so here. Or, if you're lucky, you might just win one! TLC Tours has offered to give 2 of my readers a copy of the book.  To enter, just leave a comment.   PLEASE leave your email address in your comment. If I do not have a way to contact you, you are not eligible to win.

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Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I'm generally not fond of parenting books, but this one sounds intriguing!

Rochelle said...

I'm really interested in this book. I need some help with the two year old in my house as well! hippyrochelle at

Wonder Woman said...

I love your reviews because I feel like they aren't fluff. The stuff you plug is stuff you've actually used and appreciated. Awesome.

This sounds like a good book. I'd take it.

Omgirl said...

I really need that book right now. My four year old has developed a very entitled attitude (and/or throws a holy fit when she doesn't get her way.) I TRY not to give in or placate her with treats/rewards. But I must not be doing it right because so far she seems to be getting worse. I really want to check this book out and see if I'm doing it all wrong. So I hope I win one! (If not, I may still buy it. I seriously need some help, and I love a good parenting book. I figure, "why reinvent the wheel?" If someone else has already figured out how to deal with this issue for me, I'm stoked!)

Mandy said...

what do you call a skeleton in the closet?

last year's hide-and-go-seek winner!

that's the best one I know.

Kristen said...

This would be a great book for my collection!! elephants310 at hotmail dot com

Mark Ward said...

I love parenting books. This sounds like one I could really use.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

That book sounds great!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I follow :)

Melissa Bastow said...

Does that book cover when a child gets super really angry when they don't get exactly everything (literally, EVERYTHING) that they want they second the thought of wanting it pops in their head? Because I have one of those. He even demands that we stop looking in certain directions or refrain from making sounds when he feels that we should. So if the book covers that - I want to enter!!

I'm going to think of a joke now...

Melissa Bastow said...

I'm going with a classic blond joke:

Q: What do you call a blond in the freezer?

A: A Frosted Flake.

Liesl said...

Ooh, I need. sendliesl(at)gmail(dot)com

Three Peas In A Kitchen said...

Sounds like an interesting read! You can reach me at:

Without further ado...a joke your kids can appreciate!

Q: Why was Cinderella terrible at basketball?

A: Because her coach was a pumpkin!

Camryn said...

I find myself doing the same thing. Sometimes it IS easier to give in to save all that effort in fighting. I need to stick to my guns and remember that I am the mama in this house. :)

Love the new layout--BTW.

Lourie said...

A joke.... what do you do when a blond throws a grenade at you?

Pull the pin and throw it back!

Lourie said...

I follow you

Today at the grocery store Ryan threw a fit because I wouldn't buy him a car. I put him in an empty car and he whined (pathetically) the rest of the trip. At the end he forgot about the car and was happy as a clam.

Off to check out their site.

eljayster at gmail dot com

Jo said...

I'm the best mom in the world I don't need this book! ha ha two birds with one stone. a comment and a joke!

LisaMM said...

Great review!! I'm glad you found the book useful. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review "Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me" and to share your thoughts with your readers! We really appreciate it!

Emmy said...

Sounds like a great book to me! My kids have developed a big case of the gimmies lately.

Emmy said...

I follow your blog :)

Emmy said...

Okay here is my kids favorite joke:

Why did the orange go to the doctor?

Because he wasn't peeling well!

They tell it all of the time :)

Erica said...

Rachel, I have had so much fun keeping up with you and your blogs! Seriously, this book really does look interesting. My oldest (like your girls) I'm totally fine with. But the lovely personality of my youngest, I have too have found myself giving in. :-)

Anne said...

Sounds like a good book- I'd love to win!

jennifer young said...

awww i totally adore the alice earrings!
so adorable!
lovely shop!

tina reynolds said...

thanks for the chance to win

tina reynolds said...

I follow your blog thanks

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