March 23, 2010

A night with the girls

I got free tickets for a University of Utah gymnastics meet, and decided that it would make a good girls night out for me and my two girls.  So, 6:30 on a Friday night we head up to Salt Lake. All was well.  We may have parked in reserved parking for the Crimson Club, but we managed not to get a ticket.  

We headed up the hill and into the building where we had a little chat about getting lost in the massive crowds milling the halls of the Huntsman Center.  And, while my oblivious 5 year old ran into about 17 people, she did manage to stay by my side until we had found some seats in the nosebleed section.  (They were free tickets, after all.)  We got settled. My 7 year old was enthralled by the gymnasts warming up on the floor. Especially on the bars. She was on the edge of her seat for a good 5 minutes.

On my other side, I was the human pillow while her sister tried every possible position in the hard plastic chairs: legs sprawled in the aisle, head in my lap, sitting on her feet, feet on the chair in front of her, feet in the air, (made more difficult by the fact that she was wearing a skirt).  Within 15 minutes of sitting down, she was asking when we could leave.  And she had 3 good reasons (her words not mine):

1.      1. She had a really dry throat. (Made worse by all the people around us with drinks and her mother’s reassurance that we would not be purchasing anything.)

2.      2. She was really hungry. Despite the fact that she couldn’t finish her dinner 45 minutes earlier because she was too full.  (See number 1)

3.     3.  It was too loud. 

Within 30 minutes, she was begging her sister to agree to leave.  It took about 15 minutes until she succeeded.  The plastic chairs and the distance had taken the excitement out of the actual gymnastics.

As we headed out at the beginning of the second rotation, the girls were thrilled when I let them roll down the hill. And that was pretty much all they talked about on the way home. Apparently, I don’t need free tickets to anything other than a good hill to give my girls a fun time.  


amy said...

that night out with the girls sounds oh so familiar. It is funny that we try do to something fun and it really is rolling down hills that makes something so memorable.

Rochelle said...

Its just like when you buy the coolest present for their birthday, and all they want to do is play with the box!

Linds said...

Or when you spend hundreds of dollars to take them to a place like Disney and the highlight of the trip was the free tram ride from the parking lot to the entrance.

Emmy said...

We try, we try so hard to expose them to different things; but all they ever want is the box the toy came in and the big hill; why do we bother :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

hahah! Cute.
Kind of like Christmas morning when the toy is left alone while the kids play with the box!

Lourie said...

This would be my son. He doesn't like crowds, big noises, or anything unfamiliar. But the hills and the boxes he is all over that. Maybe this year I will give the kids boxes for Christmas. Haha.

Charlotte said...

Isn't that always how it goes? At least you hadn't paid for the tickets!

My son mysteriously gets "starving" when he sees a big M McDonald's sign. He and your daughter must share the same disease.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Oh those kiddos. I was hoping to take my daughters out to one but I noticed that the last few have been later at night. Now I'm convinced we would have had something similar happen to us too. Maybe I'll hold off until next year. Guess i'll have to since the season is done. ;0

Diamond in the Rough said...

Cute :)!! My kids do the same thing. The hill would have been my daughter's favorite part too :)!!

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