March 31, 2010

A Week in Letters: Day 2

Dear Target,

I have to tell you Target, I'm disappointed.  Where have all the cute clothes gone? I tried the mall first and that was a total disaster, but I had you as a backup, so I wasn't too worried. But when I arrived, oh Target, my heart just sank.
I want a dress. A nice dress, but a cheap dress. This is where I thought you would come in. But no.  No.  All I could find were hideous things. Horrible things.  Things I would never, could never wear.  And I was sad. Oh, so sad.

So, please.  Please Target. Let's get with the program.  Please?  And make some cute skirts and dresses okay. Because we are counting on you.  Because the next stop on my list for a dress is Wal Mart.  And let's just face it: I don't ever want to have to betray you like that.



Kristina P. said...

Oh, no! I just bought two dresses there. I bought a casual one, and nicer one. But they are sleeveless, so I have to wear cardigans.

And my coworker was wearing the cutest dress yesterday, she bought there, so I'm stopping there tonight.

Linds said...

Bummer. Target often has such cute stuff. Do you have a Kohl's nearby? They usually have a good selection of dresses that are inexpensive. Also, this weekend A LOT of stores are having big Easter sales. I know Gap and Bannana Republic are having good one's at the outlets near me. May be worth a trip to Park City girl!

livin wide said...

thanks for the comment love!

and omg, i just saw your "comment" thing above - is that from "don't let the pigeon drive the bus"? one of my FAVES!

and i am with ya on target - $70 bucks for a dress?!? no thank you.

have a great day, SITStah!

Wonder Woman said...

But have you seen the new double layer tees by Merona there? Totally love them. They are exceptionally flattering for some reason. They have some really great colors right now, too.

Sorry you couldn't find anything. IMO, they need a LOT more targets in Utah. Maybe that would help.

Sher said...

Agreed. I haven't found anything I've really liked there lately either.
Try DownEast. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that store. Probably too much.

Sara said...

I have always had a hard time finding skirts and dresses, but I have discovered Downeast, and I LOVE it!!! I love how they they sell so many things that coordinate. So many times I'll find a cute skirt that has nothing to go with it, and I have to continue my hunt for an outfit and often times I'll never find a shirt to match. But downeast is so great because they'll have like 5 shirts you can choose from to match your skirt. You should check it out. Reasonably priced too. (30ish bucks for a skirt, less if it's on sale.)

Omgirl said...

You must have been lucky to find good stuff there in the past. I've never been able to find clothes there that I've liked. They have a few good basics, but nothing really cute, IMO.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I shouldn't have read this. I want to go clothes shopping so bad!
I haven't gone clothes shopping at Target in forever! Maybe I should try though....

Lourie said...

Kohl's. That is the place to go. I got a really cute dress there a few weeks ago that was clearanced down to $10.

Emmy said...

Let's just face it.. shopping for clothes just isn't really fun. Now if I had tons and tons of money and someone to watch my kids, and carry the things around for me in the store and find the right size, then I might like it :)

Charlotte said...

I'm looking for a nice dress for my 13 year old. I've struck out at 5 stores already. We are both getting frustrated!

Where have the dresses gone?

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