April 26, 2010

Monday Giveaway Part 2: Digital Room

Every one has a favorite picture.  Maybe it's one you took, maybe one that was taken by a professional.  Whatever it is, it's one that you could look at all the time. 

Something that makes you happy. . .

Or one that makes you laugh a little. 

And could be better than to display that picture for the world to see? A large poster.  Maybe framed. Maybe matted. But up on a wall where it makes you happy every time you enter the room. 

Digital Room wants to make the happen for one of my readers.  An 18x24 poster print, in high gloss or semi gloss and even free shipping!  

To enter: Leave a comment. That's it.  Easy, huh? But leave your email.  Because if you don't too bad for you.

Extra entries:  
*Blog or twitter about this giveaway
*Go Donate something to the virtual shower at Service Soapbox
*Grab the Ashby Fundraiser Button and put it on your blog

Good Luck!  Contest will end May 2.  



Jennilyn said...

Okay, two comments in the same day--you make it tempting, these great give-aways! I've been stalking your blog for awhile--now you know! landbeck@verizon.net

Sara said...

that would be fun. we need a nice pictures over our couch. sarabethward@gmail.com

Lourie said...

Nice!!! I would have to look at all my pictures....there's a lot. Haha.

Jo said...

I actually could use this one, I have a fair coming up to sell my seventy two hour kit bags and wanted to make a poster for them! cross your fingers for me!

Anonymous said...

I almost hope I don't win b/c I could never choose between my kids' many, many photos. But it would also be fun to win. email: writetozina at gmail

April said...

oh how i love big prints, but there's soooo expensive!

Jo said...

jolovesmike at dodgefam dot com

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