April 16, 2010

Random Friday

Our elementary school has a marquee. Is that the right word for one of those electric signs that tells you the time and the temp and then all the school info? You know what I'm talking about, right?  Okay, so for the past two weeks this lovely message has been popping up every 5 minutes:
"Congrats Kindergarten! 104/105 kindergarten students are at or above grade level reading!"

Now, this is great news. . . unless you're the mom of the one kindergärtner BELOW grade average.  And we just had parent teacher conference. I mean, think about it. You go see your kid's teacher.  She tells you your child is below grade level and needs to work harder.  You are a bit disappointed but hey, your child isn't the only one, right?  Except that the next day when you are dropping your child off you realize: My child IS the only one. I am a horrible parent.  And on and on.

Do you see how this is a problem?


My neighbors are moving tomorrow. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad.  I love my neighbors. My kids love my neighbors.  I'm torn between refusing to help them so that they can't move. (Because that would happen.)  Or helping them so much they decide not to move because their next door neighbor is just too good to leave.

I'm kind of doubting either method would actually work.


Another issue with their moving: Who is going to move in? This is my fear.  We might just get lucky and a nice family with kids will move in. Or some crazy guy.   Man.  I hate it when my friends move.


I got sunburned yesterday. No. It's a good thing. We were outside for about an hour and when we came home one of my arms (yeah, just one. weird, I know) was kind of pink. It was kind of exciting because that means that the sun was actually out for long enough to give me a sunburn.  I think I will spend more time outside again today. I love spring.

I'm off to mourn the loss of my neighbors. And possibly paint the shed.  And maybe even pick up some trash off the side of the road.  Yes. I live and exciting life.  Don't you wish you could be my neighbor?  (Maybe you can. It's not too late. . .)


Barbaloot said...

Stop it---104/105? That's cruel! How can they put that up there?

Hope you get good new neighbors!!

Liesl said...

Poor one struggling kid! That is kind of horrible, especially because it would have been me!

I moved four times between kindergarten and 1st grade, between that and parental divorce and all I really struggled with reading and therefore never learned to love it until much later. I think that's why I love children's literature so much. I'm making up for my deprived childhood.

As you can imagine I'm very passionate about reading to my kids and helping them learn to love books and reading. No force, just love.

Pam said...

I love your random Friday posts!

Kristina P. said...

That's hilarious, about the reading. I totally believe in shunning and ridiculing.

just call me jo said...

I thought at first that 104/105 was the temperature...(guess I've lived in AZ longer than I thought.)
Surely that isn't what they mean is it? They make signage out of one kid's weakness. That's brutal. The one kid knows it's him too, you can bet. I think you should call the school and make them change that. NOW!!

Emmy said...

Wow, that would be cruel... seems like they could say over 95% or something.. even though it is higher than that, just to not make that one child and mother feel horrible.
Hope you get good new neighbors.

Wonder Woman said...

I would be your neighbor. Can you imagine how much fun that would be?

Hilarious about the reading. I'm with Emmy -- a percentage would've done the trick. Maybe they don't have a percent sign.

Charlotte said...

I hope the child doesn't realize they're the only one. That would be awful! Good luck with the new neighbors.

Momza said...

Poor #105...I can hardly believe an educator would be proud to announce that stat...She should be embarrassed. It's just one kid.
Did she run outta something that could've helped the One?
Man. That just makes me one sad Momza.
As for the new neighbors, they're probably hoping the same thing you are: "I hope we have nice neighbors!"

So there you go...start baking some cookies!!!
happy weekend Rachel Sue

Lourie said...

Oh man! That is just wrong! And you are NOT a horrible parent.

Email, texts, blogs, snail mail, a photo of you standing sadly next to their vacant home...all that to keep in touch. I hope you get good neighbors again!

My life is exciting to. I get out every once in a while. ;)

wendy said...

It is hard to loose good neighbors.

don't worry about your child, just cause he may be "behind" right now, doesn't mean he will ALWAYS be behind.
He'll shine.

now, go let the air out of your neighbors tires, delay the move some

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I hate loosing good neighbors. We had some neighbors that we hung out with several times a week. (Both our hubbies worked from home so we'd often have lunch bbq's and game night weekends.) It was awful having them move away and the worst part is I'm horrible about staying in touch. Sad sad. At least we share random blog updates and Christmas cards so thats nice.

I know what you mean about the new neighbors though. Since we live in duplex neighborhood we're always getting a new family close by. It's always a gamble.

You'll have to update us on how it goes. I'll be crossing my fingers for ya!

Omgirl said...

Sorry about your neighbors. And the fear of who will move in is a big one. Besides, even if they're cool, they'll never live up to your current ones, right?

Loralee and the gang... said...

At least they didn't have to be sooo literal. On the billboard marquee thingy, I mean. Even "99% of our kindergarten students at at or above....". Maybe it's fudging the numbers a Little, but, come on!
And My Rule for explanation points is: only one per paragraph, max. I came up with this when I noticed I was using one about every other sentence! I know, that's not on this post, but I'm just lazy like that.

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