April 15, 2010

Saving Money Ideas: Shop Off Season

saving money ideas

I am the queen of the clearance rack. This is true.  Just ask my husband.  I head straight for it. Don't even glance at the rest of the store.  And my favorite time to shop is January, August and sometimes November. Why?  Because most stores are clearing out their inventory.

This is the best way to buy kids clothes. I can generally get most, if not all of their winter/school clothes for the next year for a fraction of the cost.  My girls are getting a little tricker. For shirts I just bump up a size and it seems to work great. Pants, though, I have to make an educated guess.

Old Navy is my favorite. Generally, around the 2nd or 3rd week in January, Old Navy marks all of it's clearance an extra 50% off.  Which is when I go and stock up. Sometimes they do it a couple of times during the year, but it's not quite as easy to tack down.  If you sign up for their emails, however, you will occasionally get a notice that it's happening.

Smith's Marketplace is also a great stop, but it is less reliable than Old Navy.  The savings are amazing, sometimes as low as an extra 70% off of the clearance prices.  But, there isn't as clear of a pattern with Smith's.  You just have to keep your eyes open.

Every once in a while I can find some pretty great stuff at Target  and the Children's Place, and I love the clearance racks at the Gap and Old Navy outlets.

This is one of those instances that planning ahead really pays off. And honestly,  who wants to pay $30 for a shirt anyway?

This is also a great strategy to get your favorite seasonal stuff.  Wait until after the holiday to pick up decorations, supplies, whatever.

Can I give you a couple of examples?  I have picked up a package of Valentines for $.09.  A package of Christmas cards for $1.  (And not at the dollar store.)  I snagged some Halloween shirts at Old Navy for $.75 each.

I always buy my egg dye the week after Easter. And I restock our dress up bins the week after Halloween.

I don't think I have ever paid full price for a Christmas decoration.  Or a wreath for our door.  Have you ever noticed that all the fall decor goes  on clearance right after Halloween-- when it's still November? I have gotten some great fall decor just in time for Thanksgiving for a steal.

So, it's  not just clothes.  If you find yourself in Target or Walmart or the grocery store the week after a big holiday, look around a little or ask someone and find the leftover holiday items.  You might just get lucky!


just call me jo said...

Thrifty little you...I've done that before and then forgotten where I put them by the appropriate holiday. The key evidently is having a bin or space assigned for them. Ahhh!

Kristina P. said...

The only time I am good with this is after Christmas.

Emmy said...

Yes that is my favorite! I just got a bunch of bags of Easter jelly beans for 75% off; so not a decoration but my husband loves jelly beans and was in heaven.

Lourie said...

I bought a whole bunch of Christmas stuff this year for unbelievably great deals. I focused mainly on wrapping paper. I remember buying four rolls for 9cents each. I was all giddy. haha.

Lourie said...

Yes, I have done this. YOu get some screamin good deals that way!!

Omgirl said...

I adore buying after-holiday goods! This year, though, I seem to be missing the sales and by the time I get in there, everything is gone. :(

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