May 5, 2010

Green Jello with Carrots

Green Jello with Carrots is website full of every kind of LDS clip art you could possibly want.  If you need new FHE ideas, like I do, this is the perfect place for you.

I really love the concept of this site.  You can browse the site and purchase one or two or 12 things that you like, download them to your computer and print them off at home. 

The best thing about Green Jello with Carrots (other than the name, because seriously, how awesome is that?)  is the variety.  If you are in PrimaryYoung Women's, or Relief Society there is something for you. And not just games or handouts. There are stickers to go along with the handouts and posters.   There are scrapbooking kits for all kinds of fun things. 

Green Jello has offered us gift certificates for $12 worth of downloads. Best part? You only pay $10.00.  

Good deal, yes?  


Lourie said...

Nice...and I see the fund raiser has done quite well. Also nice.

Sher said...

That is looks awesome!
I'll have to remember it for FHE or for when I get released from the world's easiest church calling ever (primary pianist).

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