May 3, 2010

Lima Bean Home SOLD

Lima Bean's name, limabeanhome, was inspired by her family, whose nickname for her is bean. Lima beans are obviously green, and so have she tried to make that the theme of the things she makes and sells in her Etsy shop.
Lima Bean Home uses a mixture of "reclaimed" and new fabric in my projects--she visits her local thrift stores often to see what neat items people have given away that can be cut up and repurposed into unique things.

Reusable Sandwich Wrap SOLD

This reusable sandwich wrap is made of two layers of cotton fabric with one side covered in food-safe ripstop nylon. 

The wrap connects together with velcro to completely enclose a sandwich and keep it fresh.

Dimensions: approximately 12" x 12"


Open Top Reusable Produce BagsSOLD

This is a set of three bags made of lightweight, polyester drapery lining. Use these bags in place of plastic produce bags to hold your fresh fruits and veggies. 

I have been using and selling these bags since 2007 and find drawstrings to be cumbersome and unneccessary. These bags are simply hemmed at the top and left open, and have been tested to hold at least eight large apples with room to spare.

Each bag weighs 1 ounce. A plastic bag weighs .5 ounce, so the weight difference is very minimal. Bags can be washed and hung to dry.

13" wide x 16" tall


To purchase, click on the Buy Now button and pay through your pay pal account. After purchasing, please leave a comment with the name of the item purchased to be entered into our giveaway. For an extra entry, blog about the sale and leave a second comment.


Scott said...

To my wonderful friend Kristine-
Can't wait to get my earth-friendly sandwich wrapper. Miss Caroline is a cold lunch taker and this is genius! Thanks... Melinda

Nicole said...

Yahoo! I am so excited to have reusable produce bags! I'm so tired of the plastic ones, why didn't I think of this before?

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