May 3, 2010

PF Chang's-SOLD

*Please read introduction before purchasing*

We all know them. The lettuce wraps?  Need I say more?  P.F. Chang's is your place to go for Chinese cuisene. Well, the perfect opportunity to make your Mother's Day extra special has just arrived.
PF Chang's has donated

$20 Gift Certificate and Lucky Cat


To purchase, click on the Buy Now button and pay through your pay pal account. After purchasing, please leave a comment with the name of the item purchased to be entered into our giveaway. For an extra entry, blog about the sale and leave a second comment.

1 comment:

Gerb said...

I just sent payment for the PF Chang's gift certificate and...lucky cat? If it's a real cat, I don't want it - regardless of how lucky it is. Seriously.

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