May 7, 2010

Random Friday

Okay. Crazy busy around here. Fundraiser. Mother's day prep. Preschool meetings. Yard sale. Etcetera Etcetera.  (Said like Bernardo in West Side Story.)

Remember how I said I liked being busy? I have decided that I need to specify.  I like going places and doing things kind of busy.  Having to clean my house and sit on the computer and sift through my junk is not my favorite kind of busy.


Speaking of fundrasier, we still have a BUNCH of stuff left to sell.  Want a print of the Last Supper?  Tell your friends about those, because we got plenty.

P.S. We have thus far come up with over $1200.  I would just love it if that number could go higher. . .

I think I need to file a complaint. I swear that it's May. I look out the window and it looks like May, lilacs are out, grass is green, tulips are blooming. But then I go out side and it's FREEZING. What is up with that?  I'm so ready to pull out the capris and the flip flops, but for now the cardigans are here to stay.  Grrrrrr.


My 18 month old has a cold. Which basically means snot EVERYWHERE. It's really disgusting. Because, seriously, it's EVERYWHERE.(and I don't use caps lock lightly)  It is ironic because the one time in his life that he actually wants me to snuggle with him, and I have no desire because I know how it will end up: nasty green streaks all over my shirt.  Ew.


It's Mother's day on Sunday. Do you like Mother's day? Just wondering.



Kristina P. said...

The weather is so deceiving!! It looks warm but it's still freezing!

Melissa Bastow said...

My 2 year old has done nothing but produce snot since November. I've just gotten used to going out in public with a snot covered shoulder.

I don't like that kind of busy either. And I think I loathe Mother's Day.....

Amber said...

This weather is seriously TICKING ME OFF. Hello, May, where are you?? Arrgh.

Mother's Day? I think I like it! Granted, I have only been a mother for (almost) 2 years now and don't really know what's to like and not like about it. :)

Mrs. Organic said...

I have made my peace with Mother's Day. I used to sort of hate it. A lot. I used to only see al the ways in which I did not measure up, but now I see it as a day to grateful that I am a mother.

And come hell or highwater, there WILL be capris this weekend.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Uummm, love Bernardo from West Side Story! Love what you are doing for that family, amauter paypaller or no. Happy Mother's Day and big hugs to you--you rock!

Barbaloot said...

I like Mother's Day...but I'm not a mother. So...

Nice work on the fundraiser!! You are amazing.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Yeah, green snot, ew.

Call me ungrateful, but I think the little potted plant starts that are usually handed out on Mother's Day are a pain. You have to figure out how to juggle it along with your kids, books, and bags, without dumping dirt all over! Why can't we just have a giant chocolate chip cookie like the Dad's get?
(Am I the only one who feels this way?)
Other than that, I love Mother's Day!

Lourie said...

Nothing worse than a boogery kid. And yes, that is the time they want the most snuggles.

I like Mother's Day fine, but I am often left feeling perhaps a bit ungrateful in that, shouldn't this be a regular thing? haha.

Liesl said...

Boogers, boogers.

I love Mother's Day, because I don't have to do anything and I always get Lucky Charms in bed. (I peeked like a five-year-old before Christmas to make sure I was getting them.)

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