May 13, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Clothing Swap

This is one of my favorite things: have a clothing swap. Our ward (church group) has had a few and I have scored big time.  Here's what you do.

*Find a partner in crime. Someone in the same boat you are who is willing to help out. Then find a location. A backyard or church gym works great.

*Invite lots of different people.  Especially people who have children around the same ages. This is the key here. If you only invite 3 people, and one of them has teenage children, the other has a newborn, yes, there might be some women's clothes in common, but if you are looking for your kids, you're gonna be out of luck.

*Lay everything out by genre.  Set up a table, or a blanket of baby clothes, a table of boys clothes, a table of men's and a table of women's. If you have lots of extra time, sort by size to make things easier.

*Make it known that people should bring things that they don't want anymore, and that all items left will be taken to the local thrift store or charity.

*Look with crafty eyes.  I don't mean, try and con people out of the best clothes. If you are a DIY kind of person, look for things that can be made over. Is there a long skirt that would make an adorable dress for your daughter?  An over sized t-shirt that would be good for a ruffle skirt or a scarf? How about a boring cardigan that just needs a brooch or a few ruffles?  And just think, you are getting it for free, so if you try something and it doesn't work, you're not out a penny.

*Be patient. You never know what you're going to find at the bottom of the pile.

Good Luck!


Lourie said...

We did this in our ward once...once. I scored. It was a huge success, but why we haven't done it again I do not know.

**An FYI about Emmy in case you didn't know, her water broke yesterday. They are still in UT.** I have some basic details on my blog and will be posting as I hear.

Wonder Woman said...

I was wondering what you were gonna do for thrifty thursday. I love this idea. We're actually doing it on August as part of our RS activity. Back-to-school and all.

p.s. I have a thrifty idea if you wanna hear it.

Rochelle said...

We've done that in my ward a couple of times. Its always a huge success. Love it.

Linds said...

We do it on the stake level once a year. It's very well organized and loads of fun. The cultural hall is FULL of little treasures.

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