May 3, 2010

Wendy Randolph

*Please read introduction before purchasing*

Wendy is a stay at home mom of five who has just entered the world of digital design and has decided to share her talents with us.  Wendy is offering a variety of custom digital paper packs.

Stars and Stripes Paper Packs

Perfect for scrapbooking your summertime adventures. 


Sweet Spring

These lovely spring designs are great for you Easter dress and East Egg hunt pictures.  If you are looking for something bright and eye catching, these are for you!


Wendy has also offered 25 custom made 2 page spreads.  Each spread can hold up to 10 of your pictures and personalized journaling.  Each two page spread will cost $10.00.  
To purchase, click on the Buy Now button and pay through your pay pal account. After purchasing, please leave a comment with the name of the item purchased to be entered into our giveaway. For an extra entry, blog about the sale and leave a second comment. 

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Miss Breeze said...

Actually I'm a mother to 5, but who's counting right?? Oh yeah, me!!

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