September 6, 2010

Monday Review: Seventh Generation

Lately I have been trying to make our home just a little bit less chemically saturated.   I like the idea of getting rid of things that can make my babies sick.  I have been cleaning with vinegar and baking soda and so far, so good. But there was one little problem: Disinfecting.  What, besides bleach, will kill all the germs that live on my countertops?

Which is why I was excited when My Blog Spark contacted me and asked if I would do a review of Seventh Generation's Back to School Kit, complete with 100% recycled tissues and paper towels, and disinfecting wipes.  All natural disinfecting wipes! The answer to my problem! And an all natural disinfecting  spray.  And they all work great.  And I don't worry about bleach sneaking int my children's food.

Couple of things that I think I should mention.  For everyday, typical use, the tissues are great. Don't use them if you have a cold and need to blow your nose every 5 minutes.  They are not rated for their softness.  Also, I have heard people who have issue with the smell of the wipes and spray. And I will say this. It is not a  bad smell, but it is intense.

*Thanks to My Blog Spark who supplied me with the cleaning supplies from Seventh Generation. 

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Sell...Party Of 4 said...

What smell did you try, because like you said...I did not like the smell at all, and I actually gave my stuff to someone else to use.

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